3 reasons to do a yoga teacher training at Uptown Yoga Dallas

A yoga teacher training at Uptown Yoga Dallas is a unique and challenging experience. Our yoga center has only one priority: make you the best yoga teacher training in Dallas.


Do you have a passion for yoga that you want to share? Well, our Yoga Teacher Training at Uptown Yoga Dallas is for you! Gain yoga knowledge and experience and become a true leader to yogis.

Never get the chance to complete it? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider doing the UYTT program at Uptown Yoga Dallas.  

Uptown Yoga Dallas

Uptown Yoga is one of the best places to practice yoga. We are trying to promote healthy living and wellbeing throughout our yoga’s courses. And much more, we also offer yoga teacher training.

Uptown Yoga has 3 yoga studios. We provide modern studios with showers and high-quality mats at no extra cost. Our skilled teachers are ready to welcome you and assist you during all the UYTT program.

Much more than just a certification, you should do our yoga teacher training…

If you want to share your passion with others

Our yoga teacher training is not just about instructing yoga. This is the best way to share your passion with others. Spreading the joys of yoga will be your mission. Thanks to the skills you will acquire, you will be ready to help others during their yoga courses.

If you want to deepen your practice

During your UYTT program, the teachers will have more time to help you grow your personal practice. They will be available to answer any questions and to give personal feedback. That is why, yoga teacher training is an effective way to learn.

Indeed, you will deepen your practice, learn about how your body works. By learning more about you and your yoga practice, you will easily pass on your future students. Teachers can learn a lot from students too.

If you want to explore your spirituality

As you spend time in meditation, you will also gain a deeper understanding of spirituality. If you want to explore your spirituality, our yoga teacher training is what you need.

Yoga teacher training with Uptown Yoga Dallas

The UYTT program at Uptown Yoga Dallas meets the requirement set by Yoga Alliance which is a 200-hour RYT certification. The training sessions will be organized every Saturday and Sunday from September 7th to November 24th 2019.

The training includes meditation exercises, building communication skills, Vinyasa teacher training manual and much more.


So, what are you waiting for?

Uptown Yoga will be pleased to welcome you. For any questions regarding training, feel free to contact Uptown Yoga or sign up for new class HERE!