PaintJet's Innovative Painting Widget makes any painting renovations quick and easy


Commercial construction and structural improvements do not have to be costly to your company. PaintJet's assisted painting widget invention has the potential to completely transform the way you complete your commercial painting assignment.


Commercial real estate may be incredibly profitable if you know what you're doing. However, in order to comprehend the benefits, the market value should be maintained, if not enhanced. This means that the property's appearance and functioning will need to be maintained on a regular basis, which will need the use of professional painting and coating services.


With PaintJet, commercial real estate painting may be done with improved quality and durability at a lesser cost. Our organization is committed to assisting real estate developers and construction companies in reducing their carbon footprint and HVAC costs while retaining the value of their properties.


That's why we designed the PaintJet Universal Lift Equipment, a modular lift attachment that boosts professional painters' productivity and precision on large, repeatable painting tasks. We can be your business painting partner for everything from routine maintenance touch-ups to huge commercial painting projects.


We work with a variety of commercial properties.


PaintJet provides technology-assisted painting services for the commercial buildings listed below:


Business complexes and office buildings


You might be surprised at how the overall look and feel of your office building can boost staff morale and productivity while also conveying professionalism and competence, all of which can be helpful to your business.


PaintJet can help you make the finest first impression possible, whether you own buildings to house your company or lease spaces to professional organizations. Whether it's interior or exterior painting, we can help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing and productive workplace with as little downtime as possible. We also provide Energy Star-certified coatings to help you save money on your heating and cooling expenses while also contributing to a healthier environment.


Retail stores


Mega-regional malls, community centers, strip malls, factory outlets, and other retail venues exist to attract shoppers and improve store traffic. One of the most efficient methods to suppress buyer interest is to have an ugly and poorly maintained façade. Regardless of the sort of retail property you own or manage, PaintJet is ready to provide the level of painting service that efficiently addresses this top buyer turn-off with minimum or no inconvenience to your business.


Restaurants and dining establishments


Curb appeal, like retail areas, has a huge impact on whether or not consumers visit a restaurant. Professional painting services may help your restaurant's ambiance both inside and out, enticing both new and returning customers.


When it's time to repaint your restaurant, contact PaintJet to explore your options. Knowing food safety rules, our personnel can give specialized painting and coating procedures that protect against contamination, extreme temperatures, and humidity.


Hotels and resorts


Institutions such as hotels, motels, and resorts are prone to wear and tear from continuous exposure to people and the weather because the hospitality industry runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the other hand, closing your business during a painting project might cost you a lot of money.


Thanks to cutting-edge technology, no space is too big or a ceiling too high for our staff to paint. We have the expertise to recommend and apply solutions that meet the specific needs in a variety of areas, such as slip-resistant coatings for pool areas (also suitable for traditional floorings such as concrete and wood), washable paint in hallways or hotel rooms (since these areas are subjected to heavy abuse and must be cleaned on a regular basis), line striping in parking spaces, or heat-resistant coatings that can withstand extreme temperatures in kitchens and resist cracking.


Let's work out how to fit your next painting project into your present calendar so you can keep your business open and clients coming in.


Industrial facilities


Industrial real estate includes all sorts of property that are primarily or exclusively used for research and development, storage, manufacturing, production, warehousing, and distribution. Because of these activities, industrial assets are significantly more subject to abuse due to the climate (heat, cold, and humidity), as well as the usage of heavy machinery.


Maintaining the condition of your industrial assets protects the safety of your staff, equipment, and inventory. Our real estate painting contractors have the technical know-how and experience to perform high-quality, low-impact work that extends the life and value of your property and assets.


PaintJet’s approach to health and safety


PaintJet considers health and safety to be an essential component of any business's success. To maintain a safe working environment in each painting job we do, we establish and execute our own comprehensive health and safety policy in addition to OSHA's requirements.


PaintJet's team consists of engineers, project management experts, and a nationwide network of local painting and coating professionals. If we have appropriate supervision and a skilled and properly educated field personnel, we can design and execute painting projects with zero accidents, work-related illness, or injury.


PaintJet is also a great partner for any building owner, especially those who are concerned about the environment. We can use Energy Star-certified paints to reduce your HVAC expenditures while also minimizing your carbon footprint.


Thanks to an experienced workforce and patent-pending technology, PaintJet is ready to guarantee decreased labor costs and high-quality completion of your commercial painting tasks anywhere in the United States.