NEW Spring Transformation Challenge: WIN 㱰00

This spring, we are on a serious mission to keep our customers motivated to SMASHING their goals so that they can start summer feeling FAB-U-LOUS! Get all the details of our NEW Spring Transformation Challenge & find out how you can take part for your chance to WIN £1000 cash!

Picture this – fast forward to June 2020; You are wearing jeans a few sizes smaller and you just got £1000 cash deposited into your bank account! BOOM!

Sounds good? Well that IS going to happen to one of our customers this Spring, and why should it not be you?

Plus, an additional two runners up will receive £100 worth of New You Plan points. Ca-ching!

Today we are are launching our SPRING TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE for 2020 and we would LOVE you to take part!

You have 12 weeks to create your best transformation and the opportunity to win that main £1000 cash prize.

This could just be what you need to give yourself that extra oomph to get you head in the game this Spring.

Summer bodies are made in SPRING!

12 weeks on Total Food Replacement is LIFE CHANGING. SAY HELLO To A New You This Summer!

Hello to getting on the aeroplane and buckling your seat belt comfortably. Hello to enjoying swimming with your family without a care in the world! Hello to lots of family photos that you can treasure for years to come. Hello to summer clothes that show off your body and not hide it. Hello

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