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With either formula, clean the surfaces first, ideally with acetone (nail polish remover) or lacquer thinner. Or you can use soap and water, because grease residue probably isn’t an issue for a planter. Also scuff up the surfaces with rough sandpaper or a metal file. When the surfaces are completely dry, squeeze out equal-length noodles from each tube, mix the ingredients thoroughly for several minutes, then spread the goo and hold the pieces together with tape. If you use the original formula, wait four to six hours before handling and 15 to 24 hours before putting the planter back into use. KwikWeld sets in six minutes and cures in four to six hours.trays online india


If you can’t figure out a way to hold the pieces together while glue sets, a welding shop may be able to help you. Mark Bailey, who runs Metal Specialties in Spencerville, Md. (301-421-1832; metalspecialties.biz), looked at the picture you sent and said, “This looks fixable.” He would skip glue and instead weld the pieces together. This cure wouldn’t be cheap, though, in part because the welding rod he’d need runs $90 a pound. He estimated the repair would cost about $100.


A: There are ways that sometimes work to remove red dye from fabric. You can soak an item for half an hour in a solution made with one tablespoon of ammonia and half a teaspoon of liquid detergent per quart of warm water. Or you can try brushing on rubbing alcohol and blotting up the liquid as it picks up some of the color, repeating this until no more stain comes off. And there are products such as Rit Color Remover ($6 on Amazon) that are designed to treat a whole load of clothes that got accidentally dyed in the wash.


But although these may work when dye from a red garment bleeds onto ones that are white or light colors, the issue with your quilt is far more complex. You need to somehow not affect the color of the embroidery thread while removing the stain from the surrounding fabric.


TJ Iijima, who runs LookSharp Cleaners in Alexandria and Silver Spring (844-577-4277; looksharpcleaners.com), said that although his company can remove red dye from some items, restoring your quilt is “on the lower probability scale of something we could address.” He said it might require using an eyedropper and working “dot by dot” — a herculean task for something as big as a quilt.


“But bring it in,” he suggested. “We’ll take a look. Maybe we can work on it.”


Occasionally, he said, repeatedly cleaning an item is enough to dramatically lessen a stain. “If embroidery has bled once, it might be done with its bleeding,” he said. “So repeat cleaning might help.”