Our stance concerning the flag and name of Islamic Emirate remains unchanged



Muhammad Sohail Shaheen

That some news outlets sourcing the Associated Press and attributing a quote to me which states that the presence of foreigners can also be a part of the agenda then this allegation is completely false. I have not been asked this question and neither have I answered as such. Similarly, the said news agency and some other outlets have also written that the Islamic Emirate has shown consent with the removal of the name and flag of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from its political office then this is also a baseless and fabricated allegation. I must state that we have not even conducted an interview with anyone in the past few days.

After this baseless report, I contacted the Associated Press which responded by saying that you have not said such a thing however we assumed as such. Therefore it is hoped the Associated Press corrects its report and desists from attributing quotes on bases of assumption while I here also reject this report.  Journalists must adhere to the ethics of Journalism and not attribute fabricated quotes to people.


Muhammad Sohail Shaheen

Member of political office of Islamic Emirate


02/04/1392         23/06/2013