Without bleach, the following tips will make the clothes look like new

Instead of having to go to the laundry, these 6 tips will help you wash your clothes clean like new in no time.
Washing clothes is one of the most frustrating and headache jobs for women. Many housewives spend hours trying to remove difficult stains from their clothes or prevent them from creasing.
Here are tips for making stained old clothes clean like new that you should try at home.


1. Use salt to wash jeans.

Do you want your jeans to look fresh after repeated washing? Very simply, just soak the jeans in salt water and then pre-wash with detergent will have the expected results. Your jeans will be clean from ghost stains that do not fade.

2. Cool deodorized jeans.

On hot days, clothes, if worn for too long, will have an unpleasant odor that cannot be removed by hand washing or machine washing. At this point, put the smelly clothes in a plastic bag or zipper bag, then place it in the refrigerator before washing. Cold air will deodorize clothes. Don't forget to rinse and use fabric softener to completely remove the odors!

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3. Use both hot and cold water.

While hot water can wash clothes relatively clean, if you want to prevent them from shrinking, switch to cold water.

4. Use the dryer to prevent the clothes from creasing.

Clothes after washing and drying are creased and you don't have an iron? Don't worry, first dry your clothes in a washing machine. Then, using a hair dryer on medium setting, and drying the clothes, you will see a difference.

5. Clean the washing machine regularly with mouthwash.

Dirty washing machine is one of the reasons why clothes are still stained. So, clean the drum every 1 or 2 months of use.

The method of cleaning the cage is very simple. Just turn on your washing machine as usual and then add about a half cup of mouthwash. Then just press the button for the camcorder and discharge normally. If possible, you should soak warm water in the drum first.

6. Wash colored clothes with vinegar.

When washing clothes that are bright or colorful, add a cup of vinegar to it. The vinegar will help clothes retain color and won't fade when dried.

You can try the methods that are both simple and effective above. Hopefully they can save you time, effort and money on laundry.