Interactive Learning Apps

Whether you're a teacher or student, you'll be glad to know that there are lots of interactive learning apps that are available for your use. These tools can help you enhance your learning and improve your ability to retain information. Here are a few of them to check out gimkit.com/join.


Designed for kids between two and eight, Hellosaurus is an interactive video platform that engages children through play and storytelling. The app features videos that range from educational activities to songs.

Hellosaurus is designed to be both interactive and safe. The app features motion sensors and camera technologies. It also has no ads. It is kidSafe certified.

Hellosaurus is available on all iOS devices. It offers free access to three videos. You can purchase a subscription for more. There are two subscription options: a monthly pass and a 7 day pass.

Hellosaurus uses a multi-touch screen to activate the camera, microphone, and technology. It also includes an easy to understand visual interface. The company is backed by some of the top investors in the world, including YouTube founder Chad Hurley. Other notable investors include Next 10 Ventures and General Catalyst.

Spelling Shed

Designed by a team of primary school teachers, the Spelling Shed is an interactive learning app that teaches kids how to spell and improves their vocabulary. It has three levels for schools and parents. It is easy to use and includes a variety of learning activities that help incorporate phonics and spelling.

The Spelling Shed is designed to meet the National Curriculum's spelling requirements. It's also great for teachers looking to keep track of students' spelling progress. Using a combination of interactive games, online lessons, practice sheets, and rewards, Spelling Shed helps kids learn the skills they need to succeed in school.

The Spelling Shed app features a variety of options, including a home screen that includes music and sound effects. It also offers a "Missing Word" game, which is a fun way to fill in the gaps in words.


Educators across the globe have embraced Kahoot as a game-based learning tool. This free application is available for all K-12 teachers, and has the potential to improve student engagement, boost motivation, and improve classroom dynamics. It also helps educators create interactive lessons.

Kahoot's game-based learning platform provides students with immediate and accurate feedback. In addition, teachers can create polls and surveys. These interactive lessons can be customized to suit different learning needs.

Students can also share games with classmates and family members. They can play games at any time. The interface of Kahoot is intuitive and easy to use. It can be accessed from multiple devices, such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets.


Whether you are a teacher, a tutor, or a student, Mentimeter is the ideal tool to engage your audience and spark discussions. This innovative application is designed to help you create interactive presentations and quizzes.

Mentimeter is also a useful tool for creating interactive surveys and polls. This allows you to gather data from your students and get their feedback in real time. Mentimeter has tons of useful quiz templates that you can use for creating quizzes that are custom to your lessons. You can even use Mentimote, which is a standalone application for your mobile device that allows you to control your presentation and walk around the room.


Designed with mobile access in mind, TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that makes it easy for learners to access eLearning content from their mobile devices. With TalentLMS, users can easily create courses for their students and set up assignments and exams.

TalentLMS offers a simple, user-friendly interface, and users can create courses in minutes. Its built-in reporting system gives users an overview of system activity in a visually appealing way. Users can also manually track learners at any time.

TalentLMS is supported by a team of experts. This team is constantly updating the system's platform and introducing new features. The platform has also been updated to include a new bulk action feature that helps users avoid unnecessary administrative burdens.


Whether you're a student or professional, Udemy is a great way to get quality knowledge on your own time. This e-learning app allows you to watch courses on a big screen, take notes, and even share assignments with others.

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a variety of free and paid courses. From web development to photography, there's something for everyone. It's a great way to learn a new skill or to take your career to the next level.

Udemy also has a great deal of features that set it apart from other learning apps. For example, there's a Q&A tool that allows users to ask questions and get answers. Similarly, there are closed captioning features.