What are the reasons for the widespread use of unmanned forklifts in warehouses?

Forklifts can be installed upside down, bracket mounted, or wall stacker forkliftmounted with strong protection. Most of our handling work is done on the ground, but the examples above illustrate the humanization of unmanned forklifts, which are highly useful and can serve a variety of industries.

Transport capacity

Forklifts operated by unmanned vehicles have a wide working range and their speed can be adjusted, so they can operate at high or low speeds based on the situation.

Furthermore, positioning and navigation are highly accurate

The navigation accuracy of the unmanned forklift is relatively high, and the positioning accuracy represents the performance of the equipment, as well as its high positioning readiness indicating its performance advantages, such as the ability to perform a variety of more precise handling tasks and to complete work tasks more quickly and accurately.

There is a moderate price

With more domestic manufacturers producing and developing unmanned forklifts, the technology is maturing, and many parts are not imported, the price has also dropped, making it more affordable for businesses.

Scientific maintenance can be carried out on an unmanned forklift during daily use, but although parts will need to be replaced and worn out occasionally, the service life remains considerable and the overall operation and maintenance costs are low.

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