Are you also being worried about how to renew your Microsoft Office subscription? Microsoft offers to renew their Office services every time after expiration. To renew your Microsoft Office subscriptions you will need not visit any store. You can easily purchase a new subscription for your account by visiting its official website. In this article, we will discuss the steps how to renew your Microsoft office subscription by visiting office.com/setup


You can change your Office product type also while going through the renewal process. We all know that Microsoft Office is available in different types of plan options like Home, Personal, Student, and business. So if you thinking about changing the type of Office plan you can change it easily while going through the renewal process.

Steps to renew your Microsoft office Subscription

The renewal process for Microsoft Office is easy and simple. Make sure that you have connected your device over a secured internet before heading to the steps. 

  1. Using your device, open a web browser on it
  2. Now, type Office.com/renew in the search bar then press enter
  3. Now, log in to your Microsoft Office account by using your login credentials
  4. Then, select the subscription that you want to purchase
  5. You can choose a period of subscription accordingly
  6. Review your order before making payment 
  7. Once confirming the order make payment to complete the renewal process for your Microsoft Office subscription   

Note: Once you will finish the above steps then your Microsoft office subscription will be renewed. You can apply the same process on different types of devices like Windows and Mac also. Make sure to check your order carefully before making the final payment to avoid any inconvenience.


In short, if your Microsoft Office plan has been expired and you are looking to renew it then going through the steps mentioned above can help you surely. If further, you want to get more information then you can visit office.com/setup or the official website of Microsoft Office.