Fildena 100 Review: is a super effective medical formula to deal with the troubles of impotence

Fildena is ought to be used as directed by a medical prescriber. It should be used only when required and once in 24 hours. For proper drug assimilation, the dose should be taken nearly an hour before commencing sexual activity. Take the dose on an empty stomach to experience maximum benefits and avoid alcohol or fatty foods. Do not take more than one dose at a time, as overdose is associated with certain health complications.

Fildena 100 mg is an extremely effective generic medicine used for the treatment of male impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). This medicine is popular for its high success rate and clinical effectiveness. Fildena 100mg is the active drug composition of this generic medicine. Fortune Healthcare, an eminent pharmaceutical corporation, is the manufacturer of Fildena. It helps an ED man to achieve harder and long-lasting erection so that he can perform well in the bedroom. It is essential to use this Viagra purple version of medicine after talking to a medical professional.


Sildenafil Citrate is an active ingredient of Fildena 100mg. Pharmacologically, it is denoted as PDE5-inhibitor. Actually, the drug was invented for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension, but during clinical trials, researchers found that it is helping men achieve harder and long-lasting erections. Since then, it is predominantly used for the treatment of impotence or Erectile Dysfunction. Fildena 100 mg was produced and marketed by the brand name of Viagra purple. This indicates that Fildena 100 mg is a form of Viagra purple pill: http://efildena.net/us/page/faq.html

Fildena is an exceptional medicine to overcome erectile dysfunction in men. In this condition, men struggle to erect his penile organ even after being sexually aroused. It is believed that the organ does not receive adequate blood for an erection due to clogging of arteries. Fildena looks after increasing the blood flow to the male sexual organ with the help of its active component Sildenafil Citrate: http://www.comfortcareco.com/

After oral administration of Fildena 100mg drug, the drug Sildenafil Citrate assimilates in the bloodstream to negate the function of an enzyme phosphodiesterase type five. With the negation of PDE5, the body releases nitric oxide that is known to dilate arteries and relax penile muscles to enhance blood flow to the sexual organ. This way an erection is possible, but during sexual stimulation.

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