FAKRO Smart Attic Ladders save space while attic door supplying practical storage and access to the attic room. Each model includes minor adjusts that make installation and also suitable the floor-to-ceiling height safe and simple. Insulated versions are without noticeable equipment making them the excellent addition to any type of space in the home.

Top quality:

FAKRO insulated attic ladders are sealed and also the cover is made from strong timber and also MDF with sandwich insulation. As soon as installed, hardware is fully hidden and the cover is paintable to match any kind of ceiling colour.

Attic Ladder Devices:

Accessories, such as ladder ends and also hand rails, are consisted of with several models or are offered separately, making FAKRO attic ladders appropriate for almost any type of application.


Every FAKRO attic room ladder consists of a guarantee. Protected attic ladders consist of a two-year service warranty as well as non-insulated attic ladders include an one-year warranty.

Completely Assembled and also All Set to Mount:

FAKRO attic room ladders are pre-assembled and also include the structure, hardware, as well as ladder, as well as are ready to http://www.thefreedictionary.com/attic ladders install.

How to Pick an Attic Ladder:

Among the very first elements to think about when selecting an attic room ladder is the harsh opening. FAKRO attic room ladders are readily available in different harsh opening dimensions and can be retrofit to existing openings or accommodate a new develop. An existing rough opening that does not fit the attic ladder's harsh opening can be framed to fit the attic ladder.

The 2nd variable to consider is the ceiling height. Each attic ladder's harsh opening dimension has a ceiling elevation varying from the minimum suitable ceiling height to the optimum ceiling elevation. The attic ladder appropriates for a ceiling elevation within this variety by reducing the ladder, removing or adding steps, along with making the essential changes detailed in the directions.

The 3rd element to consider is the insulation (R-value). All FAKRO attic room ladders with an insulation worth have a seal, the lid (door) is made from solid redwood ache with either a white completed cover or paintable HDF finish, as well as equipment is completely hidden when mounted. Fire-rated versions are likewise shielded as well as secured.

Non-insulated designs have a paintable particleboard lid as well as are suitable for locations where a protected attic room ladder is not required.

When picking an attic ladder likewise take into consideration the weight-load capacity rating. FAKRO attic ladders are ranked according to ANSI requirements. Try to find the ANSI symbol for certified versions.

A large range of accessories are consisted of or available individually with each version to help with installment, aesthetics, comfort of use and safety and security.