The effect of the moon is almost impossible to control, since it comes from the subconscious. The ideal method to ascertain the lunar zodiac sign would be in circumstances where a person has the least control over his or her actions, such as at home, on vacation, with close friends, or in an extreme situation.

People of the same element operate with comparable values, so for partnership and friendship are perfect signs of the same element. There is a concept of related elements, this can be Earth - Water and Air - Fire. Indications of those elements may also be suitable for every other for friendship and partnership, but there may already be lapping and some misunderstandings.

In astrology https://horo.io/ it is accepted to believe that the lunar sign of the zodiac symbolizes a human soul and emotions. Perhaps it doesn't coincide with the solar sign, but just affects it. If to calculate the lunar indication of the zodiac then it's possible to learn how it affects our character. Such characteristics of human character as sensuality, sensuality, emotional susceptibility, intuition depend on what indication of the moon. It is often said that the moon at the zodiac signs is accountable for the inherent inclinations of a individual and for all those habits that we get in youth.

The moon in the signs of the zodiac can also be a sort of connecting link between the outside world and a person, his individuality. The solar sign is the cornerstone of individuality, and the zodiac sign based on the lunar calendar is the cornerstone of human reactions to external influences. Thanks to these close interlacing of these two signals a multifaceted human character is made. Thus, no matter how important was the lunar sign, to compute that it is going to affect the character of guy isn't necessary. The moon is only light, response, emotion, important, but not crucial.

Everybody understands that their identity is not only composed of very conscious traits. We do a lot of activities in our own lives beneath the sway of a momentary impulse, emotion, and subconscious response. This sort of behaviour is laid down by nature, because consciousness doesn't always allow you to protect yourself from danger at time, to react to an acute situation. Speaking from the perspective of astrology, these spontaneous responses to certain events are dependent on the moon, or even the lunar sign of the zodiac.