Packs facts into gambling report

Having a reporter covering the state legislature can be a huge bonus - you can dig up information that no one else has.


WTNH-TV8 duo Latina reported on Thursday that the State House had passed a bill that would expand Satta King in Connecticut and add sports betting.

All four local news broadcasts had the basics, but Latina went to the next level, reporting that state gamblers would not be able to wager any money on any state college teams, including UConn men's basketball.


This is a great thing for sports lovers, as betting on UConn basketball would be extremely popular - if it were allowed. But state sports teams like Yukon and Yale are out of bounds.


These are the kinds of details that potential gamblers want to know.


Latina also pointed out that gambling operations may not be ready in time for the football season, which would be a major economic setback for the state.


At the beginning of the football season, when many people do most of their Satta King Result - they still have money.


By watching Channel 8 and Latina Thursdays, viewers know more about sports gambling than before.


Now if anyone can tell us which team to wager on, the report will look even better.


Play-in power

It just seems like a gimmick to allow more teams into the NBA playoffs. However, the play-in format seems to work.


ESPN is reporting that Wednesday's play-in telecast of the Los Angeles Lakers-Golden State Warriors brought in 5.62 million viewers, the largest NBA viewership in two years.


TNT also had success in its play-in round on Tuesday - the ratings for the Boston Celtics-Washington Wizards game were 60 percent higher than the ratings for the regular season.


Basketball seems to be returning quite well from the epidemic year.


The sudden-death aspect of these one-game shows has a lot to do with the increased audience.


There is another big factor - ESPN and TNT were lucky.


Wednesday's play-in game featured two of the league's most popular teams - the Lakers and the Warriors - and two if its most famous players - LeBron James and Stephen Curry.


Tuesday's TNT game featured the Celtics, one of the NBA's marquee teams.


So the rating should be higher - the NBA's elite is playing.


Next year, for example, if the Sacramento Kings square off against the Minnesota Timberwolves, it is doubtful that the ratings will be as high.


Missing Maher


Fans of Bill Maher - there may be around at least one or two - the comedian will have to wait another week to see his rant against Republicans.


Maher tested positive for COVID-19 last week, forcing HBO to cancel "Real Time with Bill Maher" on May 14, as well as tonight's scheduled show.


Maher, who has been fully vaccinated, reportedly feels fine. Deadline TV is reporting that Maher is expected to return on May 28.


With President Donald Trump, a frequent Maher target, out of office, it is astonishing that he still has enough material to fill an hour-long show.


‘Son' shopping


Plans to move "Prodigal Son" to another network went into a pit on Thursday after Fox canceled the series.


HBO Max, which has rolled out the first two seasons of "Prodigal Son" on its streaming service, has pushed forward the show's third season.


It still means that "Prodigal Son" has an unresolved cliffhanger, which has no place to broadcast.


Producers are not trying to land on any other network to continue the series. There are a lot of possibilities - but HBO Max will not be one of them.


The network said it did not have a place for "Prodigal Son". It's a shame - there should always be room for a quality chain.


Welcome back


The show debuted as a blazing star, winning the Golden Globe for Best Comedy.


The flashes around "Brooklyn Nine Nine" began to disappear, however, and ratings slipped as they moved into different time slots.


However, for its eighth and final season, starting on August 12, there will be some continuity in the scheduling department.


The show will air back-to-back episodes at 8 pm. every Thursday. This means that there will be no excuse to miss it.


The show debuted on Fox, but was then selected by NBC for its final three seasons.


The show may not be the most popular sitcom on TV, but at least we'll know where to find it.