Windows Live XP Super V.1 2013 Free Download

Download Windows Live XP Super V.1 2013  | Total Size: 684.03 MB

 Based on the version of Windows XP Service Pack 3 Genuine

 What has been deleted from the version
1 – Remove all unused languages ??except European languages
2 – been remove Alhlviat the old
3 – Remove the old voices
3 – was removed Tour
4 – The removal of old games and replaced with new games
5 – was the exclusion know printers to large size

 What has been affixed for Windows
1 – has been added to all SATA tariffs even accept all modern appliances
2 – Add pack lan definitions and cpu and chipset
3 – Add another updates
4 – 6 theme has been added wonderful different colors for each Theme icons, background and indicators different from the other mouse + Theme Windows 8 + Windows Seven Theme + Vista Theme
5 – 5 was added fun games instead of the old Windows games
6 – 50 was added a wonderful background with HD technology
7 – Add IE 8 and Windows Media Player 11 Jager updates
8 – a wonderful program and the task for any user

 Added programs for Windows
Yahoo Messenger
Haihaisoft-Universal-Player (wonderful program to run all the videos)
Ultra iso
Vista Rainbar
Viena Dock
Lovely Folder