Social network scams: easy to penetrate a network

Social networks have become a great showcase for people, companies and expanding businesses. Started with the aim of integrating friends and encouraging the sharing of interesting content. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become global showcases, both for people who like to share their routine, and for companies that want to reach new audiences and expand the strength of their brand.

Statistics from early 2018 show that Facebook has about 2.13 billion people in its universe, a significant amount, about 30% of the entire world population!
With an audience of this size, companies are sure to find a group of people who fit their target audience and who will like to know more about their products and services.
In addition to finding people interested in your business, companies encounter challenges, among them, malicious users, not those who comment on nonsense, but those who are looking to take care of the business profile.

Cybercrime does not always take place on a server or in an e-commerce system. In many cases, criminals appropriate the profile of a person or company to obtain contacts and even practice extortion, asking for money to “rescue” the invaded profile.

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It all starts with the password
Some companies have a bad habit of using easy passwords to access networks, an effective way to remember the login, but that also makes life easier for attackers.

Try to use passwords that contain different types of characters (numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols) to make password theft more difficult. Change passwords periodically to mitigate this risk.