Stainless Steel Is Very Suitable For Servos In The Food Industry

Apex Dynamics has had stainless steel servo products in its program from the start. Stainless steel is a major advantage, especially for applications in the food processing industry. The AB, AF, AT and AE series therefore all have a stainless steel output design. In addition, all Apex Dynamics gearboxes can optionally be lubricated with Food Grade lubricant. This lubricant may be used in the food industry because it is NSF/H1 approved. 


Stainless Steel Housing

The AB, AF and the AE series all have a stainless steel housing, including the output shaft. These series do have a black anodized input housing and adapter plate for the motor mounting. With the right – angle variants, the angled housing is black coated aluminium. That is usually not a problem because many standard servo motors are not made of stainless steel. In many applications it is important that the output side, which can come into contact with moisture, is made of stainless steel. Our AT series also has a stainless steel housing and output shaft.

Food Grade Lubricant In The Food Industry

More and more servo motor manufacturers are coming up with a complete stainless steel motor. These almost always have a round output flange. Apex Dynamics has released a new series especially for this. The inline AES or the right - angled AERS. 

The inline AES or the right angled AERS is completely stainless steel as standard. We now have a suitable round stainless steel adapter plate for most stainless steel servo motors.


AES and AERS stainless steel gearboxes are lubricated as standard with Food Grade lubricant and fitted with a stainless steel key and fixing screws. Most versions are already included in our design tool so that all information is available online.