What causes me to become tough and then lose it, and what do I do about it?

In fact, it is not just you who is having this problem; other men all over the world are having the same issue. A blood circulation problem is indicated by poor erections or erections that do not last long.


Let's take a look at how erections are done before we get into why I get hard and then lose it.

Erections are achieved by stimulating the male genital region. Much of a man's blood rushes to his penis when he is aroused. The phallus remains erect as long as there is blood in the penis. Erections are caused by blood, according to science. When a man has an erection, blood is pumped into the penis to keep it solid. You may be wondering why I get tough and then lose it. Upon ejaculation, or in certain situations, after a period of time, the erection disappears. Blood is ejected from the phallus as a result. An erection will return to normal as a result.


Let's get to the bottom of your question: "What causes me to become hard and then lose it?"

An event that happens only once

You could lose your erection for a variety of reasons. On a daily basis, men experience erection problems. "Why do I get hard and then lose it?" is a question that many people have. Many men are looking for a solution to the same problem. These problems emerge on their own for some men and fade away without much effort. However, in certain circumstances, the person must make it right for themselves.


  1. You may lose your erection due to fatigue, nervousness, or anxiety. You will easily lose your erection if you drink a lot of alcohol.
  2. Condom use can cause erections to vanish in men, particularly young men. If a man uses a condom just before or during sexual activity, his election could be jeopardised. It's possible that keeping an erection while wearing a condom is difficult. Erection failure may be caused by the act of inserting a condom or focusing on it. As a consequence, if you're considering using a condom, your fear could be causing you to lose your Fildena 100. You should seek clinical advice in this case. The experts will offer you advice and recommendations on how to proceed in this regard.


Situations that continue to occur

For certain men, maintaining erections may be difficult. To perform a good erection, many men fail to obtain, handle, and sustain erections. The medical name for this disorder is erectile dysfunction.


Men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), which is a common sex condition. You are not alone; many men struggle with this problem, and many of them wonder why they become tough only to lose it. Erection issues can be caused by a number of causes.


Physical issues: Physical issues can also induce erectile dysfunction. A variety of heart, liver, kidney, diabetes, and other medications, among other things, may cause this problem. The group also includes men with prostate issues. A physical deformity of the penis or another phallus condition may cause erectile dysfunction.


Emotional factors may play a role in Cenforce 100 failure in some cases. When a person is irritated, exhausted, or having a bad day in some way, the erections do not work properly. In this case, erections unexpectedly stop working. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of emotional factors, including:


  • depression
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • Low self-esteem.
  • performance anxiety
  • Relationship issues


Due to emotional issues, Vidalista 20 can affect men of any age. It may be due to nerves from the first time, anger, frustration, or other causes. The problem can worsen as a result of negative energy.


How will you be able to maintain your erections in the future?

Mental stimulation may assist in the production of stronger erections. The most effective way to start an erection is to stimulate the penis. On the other hand, the subconscious has a role to play. Your brain is the most critical player when you're on arousal high.


  • You should start by changing your way of life.
  • It can begin with a balanced diet and food.

Some other improvements to be made are:


  1. Consume nutritious foods
  2. Keep a healthy weight
  3. Focus on your health;
  4. Abstain from consuming narcotics, tobacco, and other harmful substances.


Sources: Medsvilla.com


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