Chapter 105
Page 1
Aiolia - Within my troubled conscience ..... I am seeking answers. I know who I am, but ... why is not this clear to me?
Page 2
Aiolia - Where do I come from ?! Where will I go ?! And what the hell ... will I become ?!
Aiolos - That's it .... wake up ... so you can ....
Page 3
Aiolos - Return... to my side. I would not mind destroying ... the universe.
Page 4
Aiolos. Brother…...Aiolia?!
Imperial Satan delirious !!
Page 5
Direct hit!
Page 6
Seiya - as if it were the blood flowing in your veins! The designs in the Gold Cloth.... are changing to a deep crimson color ....
Page 7
Aiolia - That will make me wake my ninth sense ... as compensation ?! The power of chaos!
Page 8
Aiolia - The power of chaos would lead the world .... to absolute darkness!
Page 9
Aiolia - Lightning Void!
Page 10
black nuclear disintegration.
Page 11
Chain Disintegration ..... disappearance of hell!
-I managed to get here ... even though it's okay .... I trust .... on the strength of living that the world has. Bye!
Page 12
Aiolos - Everything had come to an end ... humans on the blue planet. Our planet that has been dyed red by destruction and lamentation .... will devour ... all of you!

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