China Telecom International Co., Ltd. ("China Telecom International") announced that it has officially launched the SD-WAN service portfolio with Versa Networks to provide better connectivity and flexibility for businesses around the world and to help them save costs.


China Telecom International is the first telecommunications service provider to launch SD-WAN services worldwide. As a subsidiary of China Telecom, China Telecom International relies on the Group's advantages in wired and wireless networks to provide customers with a high-quality connectivity experience and the flexibility of a MPLS VPN hybrid network.


China Telecom's international SD-WAN service can connect directly to the public cloud such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon through the backbone network and enjoy the service through mobile devices. In addition, China Telecom International provides Versa Networks' operational-grade NFV software to provide customers with an instant network diagnostic solution that makes it easy for companies to check connectivity.


Han Wei, deputy general manager of China Telecom International, said: "SD-WAN provides a new solution for the future development of the company, especially for SMEs that are pursuing convenience, quality, speed and control. We hope to pass Versa Networks is working together to promote the development of SD-WAN

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