Statement of Foreign Ministry

Two-day dialogue between delegations of  the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the United States of America went well. Political issues were discussed in detail during the meeting and full implementation of the Doha agreement was considered by the Islamic Emirate as the best way for resolving problems, and also that humanitarian assistance should not be linked with political issues.

US representatives stated that they will give humanitarian assistance to Afghans and will provide facilities for other humanitarian organisations to deliver aid.

IEA welcomed this assistance and remarked that it will cooperate with charitable groups in delivering humanitarian assistance to those deserving transparently, and will facilitate principled movement of foreign nationals.

Detailed discussions were held during the meeting about all relevant issues. And efforts should be exerted to restore diplomatic relations to a better state.

The meeting in which talks were candid was considered a good opportunity of understanding and it was agreed that such meetings will continue to be held in the future if required.

Statement of Foreign Ministry

5/03/1443 Hijri Lunar

19/07/1400 Hijri Solar

11/10/2021 Gregorian