11 Blowjob Positions to Enjoy with Blowjob Escorts in Bangalore


Ask any man and they’ll tell you: There are few pleasures in this life greater than getting a good blowjob. To your surprise, there high-profile cock sucking dolls who are champion blowjob escorts in Bangalore.


For many guys, blowjobs are a sign of love. The only thing better than a great blowjob is a great blowjob that you enjoy giving him.


When he’s convinced that you love to suck his dick, your man will go to the ends of the earth and slay dragons for you.


When you picture a blowjob — or take part in real life — you probably have one person on their knees and the receiver either sitting on standing. But that’s just a tiny slice of the spectrum of blowjob positions and variations out there, just waiting for you to explore and enjoy.



Whether your mission is to make him cum, make him forget about his ex, or make him so hard he loses all control, flips you over, and fucks you senseless… these comfortable, sexy bj positions are a must for your repertoire.


1. The Corkscrew

There a few things hotter than having someone get down on their knees to service you. On the flip side, it can be hot as hell to get on your knees to please your partner. That’s what makes the Corkscrew position a classic. There’s also something different about receiving oral when standing vs. lying down that’s worth exploring. Our blowjob escorts in Bangalore are expert of this position during cock sucking.


2.The Compliment


Both the receiver and giver are on their knees in this position. The receiver can play with their partner’s nipples easily from this position, which is a big plus.


3. Knob job


Kneel in front of your partner, while he sits on a chair or the edge of a bed.

From this position it’s easy for you to run your hands through his chest hair or play with his nipples as you give him head. This will truly enhance the experience.

Form a ring with your thumb and index fingers on both hands and slide them on the shaft of his penis while you suck his cock. Twist from side to side or slide the rings up and down his wet penis until he reaches an orgasm.

4. Side Car

This a less intense BJ position, all things considered. In this position, you can easily take a break and use your hands.

Also, he can lean over and play with your breasts or rub your pussy.

5. The Face Sitter

This position is a winner for many reasons. First, the receiver feels dominant and in control since they’re straddling their partner’s face. Second, the angles of the position help to facilitate deep throating. Third, it’s incredibly sexy to look down at the giver as they go to town, not to mention that the giver has a great view of their partner’s junk.

6. Saddle Straddler

This is another ideal position for deep throating. The receiver can really thrust into the giver. It’s a great position if the giver is more submissive and loves to have their mouth full.

7. Sideways 69

This side blowjob position is excellent because it allows you and your partner to both receive and perform oral sex, a la the 69 position.

8. The Live Show

Sensory deprivation can take your sexual experience to a new level. When the receiver is blindfolded, they can focus exclusively on the wet, heavenly sensation of the blowjob.

9. The Prop Engine

In this position, the receiver uses a prop to raise themselves up to the giver’s mouth height. This can help reduce neck and back pain on the receiver’s end!

10. Throat Job

The giver lies with their head over the bed in this position, giving the top the opportunity to control the depth of oral penetration. The receiver can also play with their partner’s chest and genitals.


11. The Hump and Blow

With one leg wrapped around the giver, the receiver can actually thrust into their partner with this position. Obviously, make sure your partner is cool with that before you go to town.


Guys, don’t just lie back and do nothing while your partner orally stimulates you. Put some work in. When you do, it’s better for everyone. After all, both partners should get something out of the experience!