While some types of jewelry may be more fashionable than others, certain gemstones have retained their appeal throughout history. A handful of the precious gems such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds have remained favorites, but there are also very attractive semi-precious stones as well. There are gemstones that are ideal for every occasion and for every person. So let's look at some fascinating facts about gemstones and some guidelines on how to select them.

Most people look at diamonds as the pinnacle of gorgeous gems, and for Get more info that reason we can restrict our discussion about them. When it comes to natural hardness of material, diamonds are in a class by themselves. While large, high quality diamonds are extremely expensive, the majority are only of average or inferior grade and not very valuable. We are familiar with the clear or colorless diamond, however you can find them in other colors too. More rare, and usually more expensive are green, pink, yellow and blue diamonds. We all understand that size in carats figures heavily into the price, but there are others such as how clear it is and of course the quality.


Emeralds, along with diamonds and rubies, are considered to be among the most valuable precious stones in the world. Each one has their particular attributes, and emeralds of course being associated with the color, green. For so very long, this gem was the mark and domain of royalty. You want to be concerned with the color, clarity, cut and carat weight when determining the value of a gemstone. Those of us who cannot appraise emeralds can still get a ballpark feeling by looking at the color, whether or not there are flaws and the size of the stone.

You can absolutely buy safely and get the real gemstone thing on the net, but you should get a little educated about the matter, first. If you're buying from a large retail or auction site, look for feedback ratings or customer reviews to make sure the seller is honest. As you go about your online shopping, always read the fine print and terms of the buy before paying anything for it. Don't buy expensive jewelry if the seller doesn't give you the option of returning it. Lots of people get into trouble when they pay with something like a money order, or even worse they do a wire transfer. Doing business online is all about trust, and that is why shopping for gemstones on the web must only be carried out if you know who you are dealing with. You can find very many online businesses you can trust, completely, but as you know you have to separate the good from the bad. Do not deprive yourself of buying that piece of gemstone jewelry you have had your eye on.