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With a jaw-dropping 477 million views of Youtube, the infamous Disney originated song ‘Let it go’ topped the charts as the first animated musical to reach the top 10 in billboard hot 100 since 1995. The song having sold 3.37 million copies in the United States in 2014 was sung by Idina Menzel (voice actor of Elsa) in Disney’s 2013 animated film Frozen.

The movie has bagged several awards for best-animated film and has successfully captured the hearts of children and adults worldwide. The film tells the story of two sisters, Elsa and Anna in the town of Arendelle as they fight to protect their love for each other despite facing many hindrances along the way.

Elsa now crowned the Queen of Arendelle accidentally reveals her hidden powers and flees away from the kingdom to prevent herself from causing any harm. Her fear of herself clouding her thoughts as she ascends into the North mountain where she starts singing the song‘Let it go’.

The feelings of loneliness slowly encroached her as she calls herself ‘The queen of the kingdom of Isolation’. She admits to having tried to keep it a secret by hiding herself in the walls of the castle and by being the good girl her parents told her to be but when she was exposed realization struck her and she stopped trying to conceal true self.

As the song progressed it gradually shows her hesitation in using her powers and then more comfortable creating amass of beautiful crystals of snow and objects (like a snowman).

On reaching the climax of the song she truly tests the scope of her powers by creating a crystal castle with stunning glass chandeliers, letting her hair down and changing her attire she throws her crown symbolizing responsibilities she forgoes.

Realizing how happy and content she swears never to go back for the sake of both the kingdom and herself as the song ends with the sharp dialogue “the cold never bothered me anyway”.

This award-winning song was written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez who was inspired by previous Disney produced films like ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’. One can witness the emotion and meaning behind the song clearly when you listen to it in high resolution that can be attained by downloading through the Vidmate app.

This song has inspired millions of people in unimaginable ways, this beautiful track helped individuals realize to not be ashamed of who they are and learn to accept themselves. People with disorders, disabilities, people going through difficult situations this song was an Anthem for them to love themselves unconditionally.

Elsa shows us to not try and be perfect for everybody else and to let their insults, criticism, opinion go. There have been many videos of people with disabilities singing this inspiring song which brings awareness to the struggles they are going through and be accommodating and respectful towards them.

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