Best Amazon Fire Stick Apps to Ditch Your Cable TV

Amazon Inc has revolutionized the world of Home TV entertainment with its ground-breaking product, Amazon Fire Stick. With Fire TV Stick in your hand, you not only have access to some regular TV channels but it also gives you the freedom to experience entertainment, way beyond the parameters of cable or satellite TV.

Now that we are over with the basics why we need FireStick apps, let’s start with our list. All of these applications have been categorized as well to give you a better idea of the exact purpose they’ll serve.

1. ExpressVPN 

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool for those who have privacy concerns. In simple words, if you want to view content that is restricted in your country, you can change your server location and enjoy the restricted content without any risks.


2. Kodi (Free)

Kodi is an open source application for various platforms and can be downloaded on your Amazon Fire Stick, without any additional cost. Apart from everything else which contributes to its burgeoning reputation, what catches the eye is its simple yet elegant user interface.

3. Cinema APK (Free)

Cinema APK is an extremely popular Android app for movies and shows. This app came into existence shortly before Terrarium TV’s shutdown and became mainstream afterward.

4. CyberFlix TV (Free)

Terrarium TV shutdown resulted in the spawning of many clones; CyberFlix TV is one of them. And, since CyberFlix TV is a clone, it looks exactly like Terrarium TV. The good news is that it also functions a lot like the original.

5. Titanium TV (Free)

Many users call Titanium TV an exact replica of Terrarium TV. After using the app for a while, I am also inclined to such judgment. The app has the same look and feel as that of Terrarium TV. It looks like the same codes have been used to write both the apps.

6. Netflix (Paid)

Netflix has aptly turned out to be a synonym for entertainment today. It is undoubtedly, one of the most widely used platforms for TV shows and Movies. And although Netflix is a paid service, it is still one of best apps for Fire Stick.

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7. Morph TV (Free)

Even though the very popular Morpheus TV is all but defunct, its clone Morph TV is rapidly gaining a good reputation among the streamers. You may still install Morpheus TV and use the existing content library, it no longer gets any new updates. 

8. SilentGhost HD (Free)

SilentGhost HD is probably the simplest video streaming app I have come across ever. With barely 4 MB size, the app quickly makes itself suitable for moderately equipped devices like FireStick. And, despite the small size, SilentGhost does not fail to offer a huge content repository.

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