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So, at a high level, we all know that a virtual cio near me can add value to how a corporation is run. we all know that by managing the IT department and motivating the IT staff, the CIO can keep the e-mail system up and therefore the network running. However, that's not ok. How can the CIO really transform the company? What does he / she got to do to form a difference? seems that over at Ascend One, they know the solution to the present question...

Who Is Ascend One And What Do They Do?

Ascend One may be a company that works with consumers who have built up tons of debt. As you'll well imagine, a key a part of the service that they provide is agents who ask customers who are drowning during a sea of debt.

Ascend One had a drag. Their contact center and its staff were both a critical a part of the corporate also as a serious expense. Back in 2000, this a part of the corporate occupied two buildings and was located near Baltimore, Maryland.

One of their biggest challenges was trying to stay the computers that their 600 call centre staff used up-to-date. whenever there was an update to any of the software that they used, it might require that the IT department pack up and spend their time attempting to push 600 software updates bent the 600 workstations that the staff used.

To make things even tougher, the workstations that the staff were using weren't getting any younger - because the software become more demanding, the top of life date drew closer and closer for this expensive corporate asset.

What Did Ascend Do?

Ascend One's IT department knew that they needed to try to something and roll in the hay fast. What they decided to try to was to bite the bullet and make a virtual desktop environment to be used by their call center staff. What this meant was that nor would the decision center agent's aging PCs run their desktop applications, instead all the work would be done on backroom servers and only a browser would be needed to display the results on each PC.

The goal of this transformation was to permit the customer agents to prevent worrying about upgrading their PCs and permit them to spend more of their time performing credit counseling with their customers. Centrally storing and managing all their applications on virtual desktops allowed them to try to to this.

What About Security?

You may have already guessed this one - a side advantage of virtualizing desktops was that it meant that Ascend One's call center staff not HAD to return to a hard and fast location to perform their job. There was only one problem: how could they securely access the virtualization servers from their homes?

It seems Ascend One didn't want to possess to send staff bent each remote worker's house to configure their bewildering array of various computer types. Instead, what Ascend One did was to take a seat down with Dell and spell out exactly what the minimum configuration that they needed was then they created a disk image that permitted a computer to access their back office securely. Now each new call Centre employee features a brand-new Dell computer shipped to them and it works correctly right out of the box.

This has had the extra benefit for Ascend One that they have been ready to hire workers on the West Coast. this suggests that they're ready to run their call Centre for a further three hours every day without having to figure multiple shifts.

What All Of this suggests For You

In the end, every virtual cio near me gets judged supported the worth that they have been ready to bring back their company. Just keeping things up and running isn't enough: you would like to try to things which will allow the corporate to really run better.

Ascend One's IT shop has shown the way to do that. They were faced with a challenge therein their front-line staff was spending an excessive amount of time doing IT work and not enough time working with customers. The IT department implemented a Desktop virtualization solution and it's paid off handsomely.

As virtual cio near me you're getting to need to keep your eyes open for opportunities to feature value to your company. it isn't always getting to be the large CRM implementation projects which will advance your career, sometimes it's going to be as simple as finding something else to virtualize...

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