Why Do You Need HMIs (Human Machine Interface)?

When it comes to factory automation or industrial automation, you need different types of equipment. One such very important piece of factory equipment is HMI.
It stands for Human Machine Interface. All types of factories with automated processes use this equipment. It is a user interface that helps you to connect with the machine.
With the help of this dashboard, you can check everything that is going on with the machine. It links humans with machines and helps them to operate them.
HMI is in the form of a screen by which you can interact with the machines or processes in industries. For example, with the help of a computer monitor, you can easily access the computer.
Similar to the help of HMI, you can interact with the automation process in industries, factories and plants. The workers or engineers in the factory can use this screen to control the operations and machinery.
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Advantages of Using HMI:
HMIs are used in different types of industries like manufacturing plants, utility industries, pharmaceutical industries, vending machines and food and beverage industries. Here are some of the advantages of using HMIs.
• Overall Management: With the help of HMIs, you can easily manage all the operations in the factory. You can simply check the screen to know how all the operations are done. You don't need to be present near the machines as you will get all the current details on the screen. It helps you to take care of all the operations from a remote location.
• Alarms/ Warnings: It helps you to locate alarms of faults in different functions or parts of the factory. There will be a warning signal on the screen, which helps you to prevent damages. The alarm can easily track different problems in the machines.
• Reliable Messaging: The operators will get quick messages with the help of HMIs. For example, they will receive a message on the screen when the fuel is low so that they can easily refill it.
• Testing: It helps in testing as well. The engineers or operators can simply use the screen to test different machines and functions. They can create simulations with the help of HMIs.

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