Google flights cheap deal: Los Angeles to Jackson city 

If you are planning to Visit Jackson city in October for the events ‘Women of Vision 2019’  and ‘Of Montreal.’ We have got a cheap flight deal from Los Angeles. We are going to tell you how to get this deal? What are the dates in October and how much dollars you are going to save on this deal? All details will be revealed below. We have found this deal from Google flights. 


The other thing is, if you wanted a short holiday, you could use a trip. For it as well. If you wish to do it with your family or yourself, now let's Get to this deal. 


How to get the deal from Google flights? 


Ok, now you are interested. Let's get to the main thing. First thing you do is to visit the Google flights Official site. On the website,  in the departure option, type los Angeles. Do not type anything into return city option, or put into anything into the date. 


Now, Click on Map. The map in the lower corner. We are using Google flights search 'explorer Destination' option for getting this deal. Here Move the map to the Portland area. To the left, if you want to know in simple steps. Here the list will get updates, Scroll the list and you will see the Jackson city. Here two Things you can notice instantly. First is the fare, which is Less than $250. The normal would be around $400, So we can see, you are getting a massive discount for this trip. 


Click on it, then choose view Flights.  It will take you to the flight list page. You will see the different airlines for the trip. They are delta airlines reservations, United airlines reservations, and American airlines reservations although Only delta airlines seem to provide this cheap deal. 


There is Going to one stopover Salt Lake City International airport. However, this layover is for one delta flight. If you choose another, the layover will be Different. Click on the Departing flights, then Choose your Returning flights. 


From here, you need to go to delta airlines official site to Book the tickets. So, this is the way of getting this cheap flight deal from Google flights