We have a puree high. And also a high , however in the RSI we have a top and a lesser . What exactly does this mean? Does this imply Bitcoin is going to go a very bearish you? No, but it will mean that maybe it's so we are becoming tired . The bulls are becoming exhausted and also we are in for at least a consolidation, however a reversal is extremely much possible.

Of course. Let me just demonstrate two examples that I've previously revealed that you. We had a barrister verge is right there. And little coded in D-CA correction. They aren't even a huge one, but in DD correction. After which we had some other bearish divergence. Right here. We'd lesser high, but the cost was performing the precise opposite.

And if you don't forget what I said back here was that I mentioned we're probably topping out . We are likely going to go slightly to the downside, also it was zooming there. We could actually see that it could failed indeed go sideways or even even slightly for the downside here. So this is these bearish divergences commonly reveal us that.

We're a little bit overextended in the quick term. However, when you should be searching for the 4 hourly, then '' I may wish to point it out could be somewhat too early to say this is actually going to be supported divergence, and should Bit coin can break through the resistance here and also starts heading over 10,000 afterward this modest bearish divergence is not any further valid I think, simply because at this point it is very possible that this, the RSI is going to go above the prior top there, and also in that case, we don't have any high divergence any longer.

But I'm showing you that as this really is something which I am keeping an eye fixed on right now, and permit me to offer you a little update on the Bitcoin dominance. It's come a small bit more and also we will determine how Bitcoin is trying to crack below this service lineup, meaning that if Bit coin efficiently breaks down here, then older corn will start.

All corn time of year, in my estimation, have not begun yet. We are still in a up trend, however we have been getting very near having this service lineup busted. This could be actually the weekly interval, so let us choose a weekly close below this line. Uh, you'll view here be commanded to break this specific level. However, uh, B con came back to the zone and then the dominance lasted to go up the following.

Future upward, breaking news. A little crypto currency exchange was only hacked, but we don't know whether it was hacked or. Hacked. These items are normally indoors tasks, I think, however, basically most crypto was lost in the exchange. They say right here that bargain users, unfortunately, we need certainly to inform you with the simple fact that our exchange was hacked during night time and almost.