How Can I Fit Contingent Workers into My Team?

When you employ contingent workers, it is important to provide an initial orientation on the basics of how you want the job done. This should follow the same pattern as on-boarding a full-time employee.


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Orient the contractor to:

  • Your company’s brand, mission statement and value proposition
  • The systems and tools you need them to use
  • Your business goals
  • Specific projects they will be working on, either individually or as part of a team
  • How success will be measured

Ensure that your contingent workers feel like they are part of the “family” and the best way to do this is to completely integrate them with the rest of your team. Things that you can do to ensure workplace harmony include:

  • Create a sense of inclusion. Make sure contractors and part-time workers are included in informal company events
  • If they are working remotely, invest in and use tech tools to make teamwork easier for remote workers
  • Establish clear responsibilities and progress reporting
  • Always maintain good communications, meeting regularly with temporary workers to discuss their progress and needs
  • Make sure contract and part-time workers have their own workspace (unless virtual). Don’t just dump them at a conference table.
  • Ensure that virtual and remote workers have the technology that they need, and sufficient and regular communications.

Remember that even if it’s not now, in the future your entire team may be made up of contingent workers so it’s important to learn how to manage them.