Chapter 108

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Seiya - Aiolia, have you stopped being human? Are you standing at this moment under the identity of an evil god that has existed since ancient times? I do not believe that.

Look, Aiolia! Look who's in front of you .... Did you forget ? It's me, Seiya! I admired you since I was a child. I wanted to become someone like you!

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Aiolia - I remember who you are, seiya. I can never forget you .... you are the one who carries the fate of being the killer of gods.

[Lightning Implosion]

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Aiolia - [Void  lightning]

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Aiolia - [the absolute void]

Seiya - Aiolia .... I was not able to reach you with my voice ?! Aiolia ..... I do not have a body capable of fighting .... and that has not changed, but .... I have something more. Even for such a desperate situation ....

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Seiya - I will never .... bandon a battle! Invocation of the divine sword!

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Light and darkness

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Seiya - This sudden light is cutting the absolute void .... this power is not human! Is this light divine ?! This is a god I do not know and who reigns over all of Japan. So this is the power of this great god ?!

Seiya - May the absolute light .... light up the heavens!

Page 9

Seiya - Great Goddess Amaterasu, sun goddess of the land of the rising sun.

I'm sorry, Saori ... I'll use what's left of my life in this place .

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Aiolia - It was a good effort. Although you have not chosen the correct method for winning.

Seiya - What?!

Aiolia - I have heard that the Saints of this world can not use weapons. Not choosing the right way to achieve victory ... is a typical attitude of human beings ... it’s cruel, vulgar and depreciable.

Page 11

Aiolia - Nothing bears more character than this for humans! Lightning Bolt!


This attitude so disgusting .... ends up being comfortable.

Seiya - To tease of the power that is before you .... is pathetic. The real power is to fight with all your power, clenching your teeth and standing. You used to be a man who knew that.

Page 12

Seiya - Aiolia, you were a man worthy and proud of our goal. Remember this. Although this is the moment of your defeat, the true value is to stand by, believing in something in common. I believe in Athena. And Athena will never ..... never fail us. [Incorporation of the sacred sword !!]

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[Activation of the holy sword]

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Aiolia - Had he fought by wearing the divine sword? So you're a gladiator ....

Seiya - You're wrong. It was lent to me .... not as a sword .... it is a divine sword that was given to me as a sacred garment. But I will always be ... a Saint!!