Future of network automation

Network automation is one of the key methodologies supporting the evolution of intent-based networking (IBN), in which software is used to map how resources can be harnessed to meet the demands of what an enterprise needs to accomplish with its network.

Automation is enabled through a graphical user interface through which engineers can determine how network operations should be performed to meet a particular objective, with configuration and other management changes made to network components -- regardless of vendor -- automatically. IBN will also leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to further automate network intent.

Network automation is a methodology in which software automatically configures, provisions, manages and tests network devices. It is used by enterprises and service providers to improve efficiency and reduce human error and operating expenses.

Network automation tools support functions ranging from basic network mapping and device discovery, to more complex workflows like network configuration management and the provisioning of virtual network resources.

Network automation also plays a key role in software-defined networking, network virtualization and network orchestration, enabling automated provisioning of virtual network tenants and functions, such as virtual load balancing.

Software-based network automation, often referred to as intelligent network automation, is coordinated through an administrative portal that eliminates the need to script commands by hand. These platforms typically provide templates for creating and executing tasks based on plain language policies.

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