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QuickBooks is quite a familiar name in the modern business world. Contact QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number USA +1 833-228-2822 in case users undergo troublesome technical situations. Whereas on one hand the entire industry has been dependent on this software for more than a decade, there underlies a real to be possibility of it being the tech savior of billions of businesses by the end of this decade. QuickBooks has got numerous features to offer. It exists as a versatile tool to get customized according to the business requirements.

The Versatility of QuickBooks in Terms of its Versions and Features They Offer

 The Most Common Versions of QB's are:

  • QuickBooks Pro: The version suited to small businesses and customized all the way for them
  • QuickBooks Premiere: The version some more advanced than the previous one
  • QuickBooks Enterprises: The version suited for somewhat grown up businesses.
  • QuickBooks Payroll: The version for the management of payrolls
  • QuickBooks Accountant: The version for specific accounting requirements)
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale: The version for live tracking and management of sales

Why to Import Transactions with Sales Tax and Purchase Tax?

While using QuickBooks, one might require importing the transactions with sales tax and purchase tax to keep a track of the transactions carried in a given time-period to the person concerned. It is necessary to keep a track of the sales made and the invoices issued.

The Procedure to Import Transactions with Sales Tax and Purchase Tax

As read above, due to the underlying reason of live sales tracking, one needs to do this. Now, these are the steps to do it:

How to Record Sales Tax?

  • The product or the service needs to be mentioned as taxable in the transactions
  • Sales tax code should be given in the transaction

These are the Instructions for Importing the Files:

  • Select “QuickBooks Transaction Type” as “Sales tax
  • Mapping: Set up the mapping of file columns corresponding to QuickBooks fields
  • Review the file data in Review Grid and click “Send to QuickBooks”

These are some basic steps to import the transactions with sales tax. Same can be repeated with purchase tax. To seek better professional aid, better contact the team at QuickBooks Support Number USA +1 833-228-2822. Besides these instructions, one can get other instructions. With their 24/7 support and guidance, no technical glitch can trouble the users.