2010 Chinese New Year Party Ideas For Classrooms

This is the stage where play gets much more interesting. But more than just fun, it is the perfect way to teach your kid new things too. More than just vocabulary (but learning new words never really stops), you can also help your child learn how things work, like the simple on and off switch, and also teach them how to use certain tools and whatnot (but, of course, nothing harmful or dangerous).


Also, this is the stage when the little one will start to make use of his little hands. He will enjoy carrying small things, usually one in each hands. Again, the word is SUPERVISION, because this is also the time when those little things that he is carrying will usually go straight to his mouth. So you have to be careful in choosing what your child plays with and not leave any little things scattered around within reach.

After that, you should figure out on differentiating the keys of the piano. https://suachuaamthanhsg.com/ to search for a chart or a book that you need is through the internet. You should try to memorize it and determine which keys are which. Investing on quite a few method books related to playing the piano can also be beneficial. You can acquaint yourself with the keyboard of the piano. Such book can help you enhance your technique as well as your finger dexterity and strength. It is also a good way to find exercises regarding the piano keys so as to construct and make you a path towards the future of playing the piano successfully.

He will be much more expressive too and will show a much better liking to stories, songs, and nursery rhymes. And because he loves imitating people, this is the perfect time to teach him some.

For instance, my second son sang "I love you forever" at the age of 2 years old. He loved this song because he heard this song when he was in my womb as I used to sing it to him constantly.

You will see what I mean if you go to a Wiggles concert. Simply watch the children as the Wiggles begin to sing their children songs. You may understand why the Wiggles love what they do so much when you see how the children react to their songs. Seeing that much joy and that much abandon in a child is truly a magical sight. Children can truly be themselves when they hear the children songs that the Wiggles produce.

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