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Look Who's Behind The Immigrant Crisis


The Jewish Families That Run Honduras


In its original form this article published 28/11/2009 in ‘El Mundo‘ – a leading Spanish newspaper, has been condemned as anti-Semitic by the American Jewish Committee. You just can’t mention somebody’s ethnicity in certain circumstances – the journalist only wrote that those five families are of Jewish heritage. Here is rough translation from Spanish:

• 40% of the GNP is in the hands of a fistful of names of Jewish and Palestinian origin
• Almost all of them contribute financially to the two major political parties.
• A small number of families united before and after the coup

"...Even if everybody calls them ‘Turks’ they are actually families of Jewish origin coming from Arab countries in the 40s and 50s, away from the desert and the wars. They are the Rosenthals, the Facussé, the Larachs, the Nassers, the Kafies and the Goldsteins. Five surnames controlling the manufacturing industries, energy utilities, telecommunications, tourism, banks, finance, concrete makers and commerce, airports or the congress. Practically everything.

They are the kernel of that 3% of Hondurans controlling 40% of the GNP. They are the aristocrats in a country where 70% of the population are poor.

ca2d68a6d6bedcba74e6396f1d0cdd7c.jpgPeople like Jaime Rosenthal, presidential candidate in 4 elections and owner of banks, airports, breweries, soccer teams and communications media. He has invested in real estate, phone companies, and the meat exporting business, insurances and telecommunications. Or the Facussés, related with the Nassers, who, in the course of several decades, have divided their energies between business and politics. They are the tycoons of the textile industry in a country where most of brand name garments sold in the USA are made. They control also chemical and precious metals industries. These two families have produced many government officials and there is no decision in the country which is made without them.

Most of them couldn’t read, write or even speak Spanish when they arrived, but they grew out of the limelight, founding newspapers, exploiting mines, bringing electricity and telephones to the country. They intermarried, they sent their children to American colleges, and they ousted the traditional upper middle class of German and Spanish origin. After three generations they are still controlling the country not letting anybody join their powerful elite.

Powerful among the powerful

They are families like the Atalas, owner of Banco Fichosa or the Kafies, “powerful among the powerful”, according to the book ‘Honduras: poderes facticos and poder politico coordinado’ written by Victor Meza. It is the most influential family in the country and one of the biggest in Central America thanks to its investments in banks, the food industry, the construction business and its many government contracts. “Contracts rarely lost” – it is written in that book. Or the Canahuati, a most influential family not only because it controls two newspapers, but also because it owns bottling industries, pharma industries and fast food restaurants like KFC and Pizza Hut.

Almost all of them contribute financially to the two parties; the US ambassador, Hugo Llorens conferred with them only a few hours after Zelaya appeared in pajamas in Costa Rica. He was so angered and cried so much that more than one of them got offended, according to what was explained to elmundo.es/América by a person who was there. For the first time the US was not informed of a coup in Honduras beforehand..."

More: https://dagobertobellucci.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/the-jewish-families-that-run-honduras/amp/

**If you have additional information, please add it, as will I. I'm going to work on researching each family to connect the dots to this organized invasion.

2002 / The World's Other Jewish President

"Ricardo Maduro, who was sworn in last January as president of Honduras, in the wake of democratic elections held in that country, is the second Jewish president in Honduran history..."

"...Ricardo Maduro is not the first member of his family to become the president of a country. A distant relative, Eric Arturo Delvalle, was sworn in as president of Panama in 1987. During his presidency, Delvalle brought a Torah scroll from Jerusalem and donated it to the Spanish- Portuguese synagogue in Panama City, Kol Shearith Israel, of which he was a member. His uncle, Max Delvalle, became president of Panama in 1969. In an address he delivered after his election, he said, "Today there are two Jewish presidents in the world - the president of the State of Israel and I." On the day of his inauguration, the British ambassador to Panama told him that Delvalle's inauguration as a Jewish president reminded him of Benjamin Disraeli. To which President Delvalle replied, "Yes, but Disraeli was only a prime minister. I am the president of a country."

The Maduros are one of the most illustrious and highly respected Jewish families in the Caribbean Islands and Central America. The members of this family meticulously recorded its chronicles from one generation to the next. The first recorded event relates to the year 1512. Antonio and Leonora Roiz lived as marranos (crypto-Jews) in Portugal and concealed their Jewish identity from the authorities. Their son, Diego, added to his family name the title Maduro, which means mature or senior. Diego's son, Antonio Roiz Maduro, was sentenced to be burned to death by the Inquisition in Portugal for "crimes against the Catholic faith and for observance of the laws of Moses." He was burned alive at the stake in the central square of the Portuguese city of Coimbra.

His wife managed to escape to France in 1618 and publicly resumed her observance of Jewish law. Her daughter, Clara, changed her name to Rachel and moved to the Netherlands in 1619, where she met Moshe Levy. As a gesture of respect for the Maduro family, Levy added Maduro to the name of his own family, which from that time on became known as Levy Maduro.

Levy's grandson, Moshe Levy Maduro, arrived with his family in the Caribbean island of Curacao in 1672. He came there to serve as cantor in the local synagogue and subsequently settled on the island, becoming the owner of several farms and an exporter of tropical fruits, which he sent to Europe on his own ships. His siblings settled in Jamaica and on the island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.

Commemorative stamps

The fact that close ties were maintained between the members of the Maduro family was a major factor in their prosperity. The Maduros, who were involved in a wide range of economic activities, were strict observers of the laws of Judaism and served in voluntary capacities in the synagogues in the region. A prominent member of the family, Samuel Levy Maduro, who resided on the island of St. Thomas, was recognized in 1845 as a great scholar in sacred Jewish studies.

Other members of the Maduro family made a name for themselves as writers and historians. Some of them were affluent and contributed generously to Jewish causes.

Shlomo Eliahu Levy Maduro was a prominent member of the family. In 1837, he founded the company that is known today as Maduro Holdings. The company's holdings include a shipping firm, storage facilities for coal and crude oil, airlines, and factories for the manufacture of paints and construction materials. The holdings are located throughout the Caribbean Islands, as well as in South America and the United States. The government of the Netherlands Antilles issued a series of stamps to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Maduro Holdings, which made a major contribution to the prosperity of Dutch colonies in the New World.

The Maduro family's bank, the Maduro Bank, was founded in 1916 and merged with another bank, owned by the Curiel family, in 1932. The new bank was named the Maduro & Curiel Bank. Today, it is the largest bank among the Caribbean Islands and it funds development programs throughout the region. The Maduro & Curiel Bank set up loan funds for Holocaust survivors who settled in the Caribbean Islands and helped them rebuild their lives. The Netherlands Antilles government issued a series of stamps to mark the bank's 75 anniversary.

When the Panama Canal was built, the economic center of gravity in the Caribbean region and Central America shifted to the republic of Panama. Members of the Maduro family from Curacao, St. Thomas and Jamaica began to move to Panama, where they soon occupied key positions. Other family members moved to Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala. In all these countries, Jews of Spanish and Portuguese origin were warmly welcomed and, within a short while, they integrated into public life and the economy, playing an active role in the regime.

According to the testimony of East European Jews who arrived in Central America in the 1930s, the center of Jewish life in Costa Rica and the main synagogue in that country was the home of Moshe Levy Maduro. A member of that branch of the Maduro family, Osmond Levy Maduro, a native of Panama, moved with his children to Honduras. One of his sons, Ricardo, was elected president of Honduras in January 2002..."
Full article: https://www.haaretz.com/1.5021824

And who really runs Honduras? / Can't miss an opportunity for propaganda: Israeli honeymooner killed, wife injured in zip-line accident in Honduras

"In April, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez canceled his trip to Israel to participate in the torch-lighting ceremony for Israel’s 70th Independence Day ceremony amid calls for the invitation to be rescinded over what critics called “gross violations of human rights” in his country.

In March, Honduras and Paraguay announced that they were ready “in principle” to proceed in relocating their embassies soon to Jerusalem on the condition that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes an official visit to each of their countries..."

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