nicointelpro awards of the [post 9/11-]2000s decade












the alltime award for the best very best bionic viralist digivist Nico Haupt:







Biggest Ignorants of the decade:
The Daily Show, Elvis Costello, Ron Paul, Teabaggers, Harry Potter-Fans, iPod Suckerz, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Guillermo del Toro, Slumdog Millionaire-fans, Danny Boyle, Tim Burton, Oliver Stone, Spike Lee, Wes Anderson, John Cameron Mitchell, Stephen Gaghan, Francis Ford Coppola
Biggest Mainstream Media WarCriminal of the 2000s:
Alex Jones +++

Top 100 Alltime WarCriminal List of the Decade:
(=Position in 2008 ; http://www.bloglines.com/blog/ewing2001?id=4642 ) --
1 (06) Richard Gage [ex-Bechtel]/(91) ae911.org
[see also http://justpaste.it/911space How 9/11Truthling "spooker"-leaders have *direct links* to space satellite defense]
2 (03) Steven E Jones [ex-KEK Japan]
3 (02) David Ray Griffin
4 (04) Alex Jones [on former Lockheed/=now PanAMSAT transponder]
5 (46) Bono
6 (05) Paul Joseph Watson/Steve Watson
7 (08) Attorney aka Alexander Floum aka GeorgeWashington [ex-9/11 Scholars; ex-911blogger.com]
8 (48) Al Gore
9 (23) Leslie Cagan [A.N.S.W.E.R. International] [influencing (24)United for Peace, World Can't Wait etc...]
10 (07) William Rodriguez
11(09) 911blogger.com; Roger Peters aka dz aka Dazinith aka ?[ex-911blogger.com]
12 (01) Mike Ruppert
13 (12) Amy Goodman (Democracy Now, Ford Foundation)
14 (11)Les Jamieson [ex-Main Infiltrator of ny911truth.org]
15 (--)EADS (No.1 9/11 Profiteer and Producer-Suspect] ; see also Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazachstan [see also http://tinyurl.com/9-11top70 ]
16 (--)Thales Alenia Space (No.2 9/11 Profiteer and Producer-Suspect]; see also Khrunichev Space Center
17 (74) youtube.com/google
18 (--) Anthony Lawson
19 (--) Angela Merkel
20 (52) Tony Blair
21 (14) ArchBishop Dr. Robert Bowman [ex-General Dynamics]
22 (--) Yukihisa Fujita (Japanese Parliament)
23 (--) Niels Harrit ; i11time.dk, Supermajss Production Copenhagen and related
24 (30) AP, REUTERS, UPI
25 (26) John Albanese
26 (--) SES Dutch Skies, SA.(Top 3 9/11 Profiteer]
27 (41) Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, SAIC, Raytheon, Lockheed (Future Combat System) ;
28 (47) 9/11-Truth Commission/Bob Kerrey (Paula Zahn/CNN)
29 (15) Ian Wood (Global Outlook)
30 (--) Giulietto Chiesa; 911truth.eu and related
31 (--) Oliver Stone
32 (42) Goldman sachs
33 (29) NY Times/NY POST
34 (--) 'Obama'/ObamaCabinet  [http://friendfeed.com/obamawatch ]
35 (45) Luke Rudkowski (wearechange. org)
36 (63) Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi
37 (19) Republican Party
38 (39) Popular Mechanics
39 (32) Mike Berger
40 (43) Tavistock Institute
41 (73) Club of Rome
42 (--) SCO aka Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
43 (--) Mia Farrow
44 (75) pilots for 9/11 truth
45 (--) MIT/CSAIL
46 (61) Kyle F. Hence [911pressfortruth. com, ex-9/11 Citizens Watch]
47 (18) Cindy Sheehan
48 (37) Michael Moore
49 (--) John Bursill
50 (33) Jim Hoffman (wtc7.net, 911review.com) [see also http://justpaste.it/911space]
51 (34) Arabesque aka Victoria Victronix01
52 (60) Paul Thompson, CooperativeResearch
53 (--) coOpted Blackwater/Halliburton-Debaters
54 (16) Nic Levis aka jesuschrist aka jackriddler aka nicholas (ex-911truth. org) aka NL, summeroftruth. org
55 (--) Kurt Nimmo
56 (--) Charlie Sheen
57 (50) smallstorm aka Sophia Shaquet
58 (--) Gazprom/Atomstroyexport; Gazprom Space Systems
59 (20) Janice Matthews (911truth.org)
60 (93) Noam Chomsky
61 (54) Helen Thomas
62 (44) Portland 9/11 Truth Alliance, Portland 9/11Truth, Portland Indymedia
63 (36) Ray McGovern
64 (58) Lyndon LaRouche
65 (--) Karl W B Schwarz
66 (65) Mark Bilk (oilempire.us)
67 (22) Michael Bloomberg
68 (21) Rudy Guiliani
69 (81) Kevin Ryan
70 (69) NY 9/11 Truth
71 (40) Carol Brouillet (sf 9/11 truth alliance)
72 (13) George Soros (GNN, moveon.org, bandsagainstbush etc.)
73 (59) Cynthia McKinney
74 (70) Jersey Girls
75 (94) Bob Woodward
76 (86) Dave Vonkleist
77 (--) Kevin Fenton
78 (38) Michael Wolsey (911truth.org, 911Visibility)
79 (66) Democraticunderground.Com
80 (31) Nafeez Ahmed
81 (72) Webster Tarpley
82 (98) nineeleven.co. uk, Ian Neal
83 (17) Bill Douglas (911Visibility)
84 (--) Annie Machon
85 (--) C.I.T.
86 (88) Sibel Edmonds
87 (97) United Nations
88 (49) Dylan Avery/JasonBermas; LooseChange
89 (96) William Rivers Pitt, Truthout.Org
90 (78) Gabriel Day
91 (65) Mark Bilk (oilempire.us)
92 (71) Daniel Ellsberg
93 (79) Mary Schiavo, Ronald L Motley
94 (84) Mark Rabinowitz
95 (77) truthaction. org
96 (--) JREF Forum
97 (--) Thames 15.x/QH
98 (--) Pirate Party
99 (--) Kevin Barrett
100(--) Jim Fetzer
Most ignored BestoftheDecade Movies:
everything from the Coen Brothers and "Duplicity" +++
Most ignored encyclopedia:
9/11Encyclopedia by ewing2001
http://911review.org/Sept11Wiki/911Encyclopedia.shtml +++
Most ignored history research of the Decade:
nicohistory.webnode.com +++
PR-Designer of the Decade:
mellebelle +++
most pending threat for Human Society:
EcoFeminist Fascism/Bionic Fascism +++
Biggest and most oppressed constructionalist of the Decade:
Johnny Omnibus aka Johnny Bubonic +++
Biggest sellout country of the Decade:
Germany +++
Most oppressed perp-company list of the Decade:
Biggest wasteoftime microblog:
http://www.friendfeed.com/ewing2001 +++
Biggest online shillparade of the Decade:
911blogger.com +++
Former biggest WarCriminal of the 2000s:
Mike Ruppert +++
Biggest PsyOP of the Decade:
Goldman Sachs' Climate "Change"/GlobalWarming/PeakOil/Copenhagen +++
Biggest Mainstream WarCriminal since Adolf Hitler:
Obama +++
Biggest Female defacto-Mainstream WarCriminal:
Amy Goodman [ford foundation] +++
Most [in]effective video-activism:
9/11 Videomashups ; http://ff.im/3HgfS +++
Most successful Scientology Front of the Decade:
WeAreChange +++
Most annoying Guru of the Decade:
Les Jamieson +++
Biggest Cultist of the 2000s:
David Ray Griffin +++
Dumbest Australian :
John Bursill +++
Most self-abusive Truthling of the Decade:
jongold +++
Biggest Shill/DaisyCandidate of the noPlaners:
"Killtown" incl. Killtown-Impersonator in Portland +++
Best Internet-tag of the Decade:
wq2rx +++
Biggest truthling-shill from Germany:
Nic Levis +++
porn-Icon Director of the Decade:
Max Hardcore +++
Most idiotic slogan of the Decade:
9/11 was an Inside Job +++
Most ignored slogan of the Decade:
9/11 was an EUROSpace Defense Outside Job 
http://tinyurl.com/eurospaceoutsidejob  +++
Favorite unarrested Gitmo-Terrorist:
John Albanese +++
Most convincing Street Theatre Activist of the 2000s:
AQ Al-Qyeda aka Al Duffy +++
Biggest coOpted Lefti-front for Electronic Defense:
'Freegans' around Thales Alenia/CSAIL/Raytheon at Thames 15.x [NYC]+++
Most abusive perp central in NYC:
"Warren St. 12" +++
freethinker of the decade:
Warren Cuccurullo +++
Transgression Artist of the decade:
Nico Haupt aka NicoHitler +++
Biggest 9/11 Producer Suspects:
EADS, Thales Alenia Space +++
Best researcher and Investigative Journalist of the Decade:
ewing2001 ; http://ff.im/4g0NX +++
CultResearcher No.1:
Alex Constantine +++
Most oppressed geopolitical researcher of the Decade:
GeoKarras +++
Alltime video-visualist of the 2000s:
HeavyPlastician +++
Alltime video-viralist of the 2000s:
ewing2001, 911censored, 911censored2, nicohauptstrasse, nicolumbo,
nicolumbia, nicopedia, mc nicomedy2010, and related
Best viralism producers of the Decade:
Spiney + Logicfish +++
Most failed Oscar-Nomination dropout:
Nico Haupt in "we live in Public" +++
Biggest U.S. State Sellout:
Portland +++
Most convenient pseudo-political Actor on U.S. Television:
Glenn Beck +++
Most entertaining anti-ObamaCabinet 'spokesman':
ATLAH Worldwide +++
Biggest Perp Wannabe Journalist:
Kurt Nimmo; everyone of the NY TIMES +++
Best TV Show of the Decade:
MadMen +++
Most dismantled comedian of the 2000s:
Nico Haupt +++
Most convenient, indirect database-honeypot vs. Nico Haupt:
J.S. [K2K] +++
most intelligent anti-9/11 Truthling Entertainer:
oryanobamao8 +++
most refreshing anti-9/11 Truther Comedian:
troyfromwv +++
Most effective mainstream PR campaign of NoPlaners:
PaulaGloria, NicoHitler and friends on HowardStern +++
biggest noPlaner anti-activist sellout:
simonshack aka simon hytten +++
Documash of the Decade:
2001- A Fake Odyssey, SeptemberClues [first chapters]
Geopolitical documash producer of the Decade:
staticagenda +++
Favorite words of the decade:
9/11 perp toy, nicofeminist, freedomisnotfree, sashagrey, truthling, spooker, sexbox, ZEN-shit, nicomedy, hangout, bullshit, gaytheon-virus, mashlivism, nipple, grumpy, cig, puffthemagicdragon, I'mAnoPlaner, nicoteen, planehuggers, fruitloopers, xploitation +++
unwords of the decade:
Cheney, Blackwater, halliburton, breakthrough, truth, huffingtonpost, flu, 2012, hacker, polls, votingmachine, youtube, methhead, change, price, DianeSawyer, gitmo, waterboarding, pleaseremovemefromyourlist, united93, autotune, this video has been removed due to terms of use violation +++
Most Missing bionic equipment :
USB 2.0 +++
Biggest Nerds of the decade:
Robert Scoble, nico haupt aka ewing2001 ; +++
Most idiotic mainstream saboteur of Nico Haupt:
Matt Taibbi [Rolling Stone] +++
Most oppressed Eccentric Nutcase of the Decade:
Nico Haupt +++
Biggest music hope building up for this Decade:
"Noise", 13.1ThamesNoise Prod., SpermaUeberReste, InsanoBeats, TeenagerMusik and related ...
Alltime drugs of the Decade:
Cigarettes, Coffee, Porn, Internet +++
Most failed truthling-counseler Ignorant of the Decade:
Jim Fetzer +++
Favorite Pullitzer-Awardist of the Decade:
Gerard Holmgren +++
Most political incorrect Situationalist:
Nico Haupt +++
Favorite Peace-Nobel Awardist of the Decade:
TheWebfairy +++
Biggest mainstream television truthling perp:
Jesse Ventura +++
Biggest Truthling-Corporate tool:
Richard Gage ["ex-Bechtel"] +++
Biggest convenient non-U.S. truthling-country front:
Scandinavia, Japan +++
Most interesting MIT-perp-front suspects vs. ewing2001:
CafeOrwell, Motorino Pizza (both *october 2008) +++
Most irritating leftgatekeeper central:
INN World Report +++
Most effective sabotage act vs. ewing2001:
NY POST Article by Andrea Peyser +++
Orwellian Fronts of the 2000s Decade:
Al-Quaida, "9/11 Truth Movement"  +++
No.1 Application Suspect for 9/11:
Google[Earth]/KeyHole Inc./Future Combat System incl. Directed Energy Weapons plus related kitchensink +++
Most Failed 'underground' campaign for No.1 Application Suspect for 9/11:
"9/11 TV Fakery" +++
Best Anti-truther truthling song of the decade:
SpermaUeberReste- I (only) need money for porn +++
Most uncorrupted noPlaner mashlivist:
HeavyPlastician +++
Best music genre for Hecklivism and Mashlivism of the 2000s:
Filthstep, Grimestep, Dubstep, Drum 'n bass and related +++
Music web2.0 tool of the decade:
soundcloud.com +++
Biggest air aviation-Industry front of the Truthers:
LooseChange +++
dumbest word of the 2000s:
"cointelpro agent" +++
Hollywood Truthlings of the Decade:
Rosie O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen
Biggest Beacon Database:
Facebook and GooglePhone +++
Most moronic Internet-Activism tool:
email +++
Intellectual Sellout of the Decade:
Webster Tarpley +++
Most convenient mainstream musician-Perp-Puppets of the 2000s:
Lady Gaga, Bono  [see also Going 'Gaga' for Polaroid's new partner http://content.usatoday.com/communities/technologylive/post/2010/01/ces-going-gaga-for-polaroids-new-partner/1 Jan 07, 2010 +++
Biggest Bullshit of the 2000s:
All conventional best-of Lists +++
Last electronic music portal hope of the decade:
debug magazine, getdarker.com +++
Most uniconic female Icon:
PeggyCarter aka ...
Most ignored post 9/11 FalseFlag:
AR [Augmented Reality], MR [Mixed Reality] +++
Biggest Internet Spammer:
Nico Haupt +++
Biggest Anti-War Fake:
Leslie Cagan [A.N.S.W.E.R. International] +++
Biggest political falsehope bullshit front:
Pirate Party ++++
Most successful pyramid scam of Web2.0:
Twitter +++
Most convincing female street theatre activist:
Barbie aka Dr. Babs +++
GG Allin of the Marshall McLuhans:
Nico Haupt +++
Most effective ex-BinLadin Group Associate in U.S. Government:
Dennis C. Blair (DNI) [ex-Iridium/Motorola/BinLadin Group Cooperation] +++
Anti-Matrix of NYC:
Patriot Bar +++
Most important mainstream documentary of the 2000s:
We live in Public ; http://ff.im/98znW+++
Most bizarre Internet Television Breakup:
WING TV ++++
Most interesting web2.0 newcomer:
brightkite.com +++
Fastest censorship-bot ever:
Facebook 'fan-page' of Christoph Schlingensief [within 2 seconds]
Favorite independent 9/11 [Video-]Researchers:
ThomasPotter, 911stealth
Most ignored topic of decade:
CERN +++
Most anachronistic bizzaro video:
"DisInfo Agent Nico Haupt Arrested @ 9/11 Protest" [unknown cameraman] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CoGEsIbTZ4  +++
Nicest T-Shirts:
hauptcouture +++
Most fascinating transgression video warmup:
DJ Nicohitler and Aq Al-qyeda Presents: "Der Ewige Truthling"  http://bit.ly/7FAttQ +++
Best ignored database researcher of the decade:
DulceDecorum +++
Most plagiarized 9/11 science researchers:
9/11 Science and Justice Alliance +++
Most oppressed, hacked and dismantled Researcher Team:
team8plus.org  [see below] ++++
Biggest digital squatter:
Dick Eastman at my list     
[911insidejobTokyo] , 911insidejobKualaLumpur@yahoogroups.com and related ; +++
Biggest hecklivism blog of the decade:
911truthlingswatch +++
Most annoying dokumash of the decade:
Zeitgeist +++
Biggest delayed interview-release:
a n o n a n d o n interviews Nico Haupt [2.x years] +++
Timewaster of the decade:
Ace Baker +++
Retired WarCriminal of the decade:
Mike Ruppert +++
Dumbest British perp-campaign of the 2000s:
AfterDowningStreet.org +++
Biggest female perp actors of the decade:
Sibel Edmonds, Sarah Palin +++
Biggest male perp actors of the decade:
David Shayler, Bill O'Riley  +++
Most impulsive 9/11 Family victim:
AMKorotkin +++
Alltime Spooker No.l Award:
Steven E. Jones [Los Alamos, TRIUMF, KEK etc...]
Favorite most authentic conventional activist:
Audrey Silk (NYC C.L.A.S.H.)+++
Most oppressed 7/7 Research:
http://web.archive.org/web/20051027000713/team8plus.org/forum_viewforum.php?9 +++
Most oppressed 9/11 Audio Fakery Composer:
Andrew Lowe-Watson +++
Most political correct Analyst:
Angie d'Urso [former co-founder of ny911truth.org]  +++
Biggest 9/11 Alltime Untruth Perp-, Shill-, HalfSpooker and PerpTalk parade:
Annie Machon, Anthony Lawson, Attorney aka Alexander Floum, Ayumi Kumori, Bill Douglas, Buzznet, buzzflash, carlson.jon, Carol Brouillet, Christopher A. Brown, CLG News, letsrollforums, Dan M Nalven, David Hawkins, David Slesinger, David Ray Griffin, Democrats.com, Dr. Bob Bowman, Dylan Avery, Eric and Brian Salter, Fintan Dunne, Fred Burks, Gabriel Day, Killtown, Michael Morrissey, Leland Lehrman, LARED, WeAreChange, Willie Rodriguez, JerseyGirls, J.Austin, skyKing, Ian Henshall, Jennifer Wynhausen, Greg Palast, Greg Skzymanski, Kai Middleton, Karl W B Schwarz, Kurt Nimmo, Kyle F. Hence, Lenny Bloom, Mark S Bilk, Roger Peters aka dz  aka Dazinith aka ?, 911BLOGGER.COM), David Kubiak, John Pilger, Gerard Posner, Mike "Blackbox" Berger, Nila Sagadevan, rob@opednews.com, Paul Joseph Watson, Peter L. Thottam, Esq., Prothink, Dave v. Kleist, smallstorm aka Sophia Shaquet +++
Biggest post9/11 Musician -Ignorants of the decade, sucked into the matrixes:
Talib Kweli, Kanye West, Daft Punk, M.I.A., Jay-Z, Radiohead, Bono, Lydia Lunch, all IDM
Biggest ignored sexploitation video of the 200s:
Don Imus feat.Kanye, Jackie Ashe-9/11 "Inside Job"
By 911Ilsas [censored]
Don Imus feat. Jay-Z, Kanye West, Bow Wow vs. Jackie Ashe and Friends-
9/11 was an "Inside Job" (9/11 TV Fakery Grind XXX Mix)
Most oppressed Nico Haupt-9/11 [anniversary] PR campaigns:
9/11 Anniversary hecklivism at 911TruthAction,
Michael Jackson: My black nose-out did 9/11 ;
BREAKING: Nico Haupt dies in deadly bike accident/MadMen Season 3 postponed ;
Political Protest "Pornation"Mash against AceBaker, JWood, WTarpley, ObamaHuggers, AJones and TruthlingTruthers reg. their stand on Future Combat System ; 9/11Truth March' - Dr. Dot at the 9/11 TV Fakery Media; 9/11 VideoMashups Charts; Tide is turning against "WheelChair Change" and Alex Jones; nicohitler vs. Sabrina "Catfight" Salerno - boys, boys, boys 2008 9/11 remix ;]; Warren12Report meets Waterboarding TV .. at Ground Zero; NY Villager mentions Haupt and TV Fakery; TaiwanNews mentions NoPlanes at WallStreet Bailout Protest;
New WTC 7 to host conference on 9/11 TV Fakery research?
3rd Reminder: Kubiak, explain your military connections (etc...) etc...    
+++ see also Most oppressed TOP 100 Alltime Planehuggers/WarCriminals List
Haupt releases TOP 100 Alltime Planehuggers/ WarCriminals List
http://www.blogline s.com/blog/ ewing2001? id=4642
June 25, 2008 ---
picked up at:
http://tinyurl. com/5uxb4a
http://forum. 911movement. org/index. php?showtopic= 4418

TOP 100 Alltime Planehuggers
/[WarCriminals (TOP 30)]  List  2001 - 2008
[does not include main 9/11 perp suspects -with exceptions]

"TheHague/Nuremberg /Gitmo 2009" :
(compiled by ewing2001 *)


Flashback : [from comments]
7/7: Europe's terror scam -the final clues?
Thursday, August 18, 2005 6:19 PM
"Nico Haupt"
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7/7: Europe's terror scam -the final clues?
By ewing2001
Thu Aug 18 2005

Dear correspondents,

in december 2004, my other yahoo account was shutdown
without any warning. I lost 1000s of email addresses.

Only a few days later our website at
inn.globalfreepress.com was hacked for the 5th time
and my admin had to retire.
In the same time, an electronic shutdown in our TV
studio destroyed my system files from my Linux Box.

These and other political irritations within the 9/11
truth movement had been one of many reasons, why i
retired in january 2005, and turned both daily news
portal and weekly blog into archive modus only.

I decided also to retire from 9/11 research and
-activism and leave INN World Report.

I only remained with team8plus and some mailing lists.
The following article will be the only exception for
this year and it's concentrating on the 7/7 attacks

I continue to doubt that the controlled opposition
within this movement will be exposed in a proper way.

My respect goes to those individuals who are still not
too scared to speak out on our general deceptions
within our society.

This week, i was finally able to recover most files
from my linux box. Therefore hello to everyone, i
wasn't able to contact for 6 months.

I will remain in isolation. Good luck everyone :)

Nico Haupt aka ewing2001