2 Deadly Sins of a Breakup You Need to Know

Ironically enough, the best communication to your ex is little to no communication.


We all want to be tough in our own ways and some of us might think we can handle a breakup.  For some, though, a breakup is as bad as the end of the world approaching: devastating and impossible to comprehend.  No matter which side of the spectrum you’re on, it’s important to realize that no matter how tough or weak you are, it’s possible to make mistakes after an unexpected—or even expected—breakup when you’re trying to get your ex back.

Two overbearing mistakes that will drive your ex even further away are causes of not communicating well enough.  Ironically enough, the best communication to your ex is little to no communication because any contact you attempt could result in too much or spilling thoughts you didn’t mean to.  It’s very easy to fall victim to Text Message Terrorism and/or Drunk Dialing.

Text Message Terrorism—also known as TMT—is a constant flow of texts, IMs, emails, phone calls or any other virtual form of communication.  Consider each message you leave for your ex a spit-wad that has hit him in the back of the head.  That is how annoying TMT is to your ex.  If he’s with his friends and you’re constantly dinging him, he’s going to be embarrassed and find a way to block your number.  If he does this, you’re definitely going to have a harder time getting back with your ex.

Drunk Dialing—also known as late night calling—is when your inhibitions are low but your need to confess or make your ex understand something is high.  Late night phone calls with or without alcohol is bad because you’re most likely not at your best and neither is your ex.  Just imagine being called at three in the morning when you have to get up in two hours to start your day.  Sleep is precious and a phone call is like poking a sleeping dragon in the eye.

The only way to overcome these two particular errors in communication is to first recognize them for what they really are and second, avoid them however you can.  Visit http://www.squidoo.com/discover-magic-of-making-up, there is hope to get your ex back and recapture his or her heart, mind and soul.