2 Breakup Mistakes That Won't Help Get Your Ex Back

When your defenses are down and emotions are high you better don't trust your own judgment and these two moves can be prevented.


You know you can’t be trusted when your defenses are down and emotions are high. You’re like a child drowning who just wants to take a deep breath in; only you know that one action could kill you. The same is true if you make faulty moves at the end of a relationship.

However, any bad moves can be prevented. The following are some missteps that can be avoided as long as you know what they are.

(1) Drunk Dialing

Though the name of this mistake can come from actually being drunk on alcohol, more often than not, the drunk feeling is from emotions running high.  This means you aren’t thinking very clearly. Your thought process is on how to get your ex back, hearing his/her voice and figuring out how to make things better. When you’re thinking like this, you’re bound to regret it in the morning when you let your guard down and take that deep breath in.

Though the purpose of your call was to make the situation better, you’ll most likely end up making it worse. We act our worst when we’re vulnerable. Don’t call. Allow your ex to be the one to first pick up the phone when he/she is ready for that sort of contact again.

(2) Text Message Terrorism

This refers to all forms of communication that you can basically spam at your ex: emails, text messages, etc. This is an error because you’re not giving your ex space. Not to mention, it can be really irritating to him/her. More often than not, spamming messages at your ex is only going to cause a larger rift between the both of you.

If you’re panicking in the water already, take a moment to get your bearings and realize that if you just put your foot down, you’re going to reach the bottom of the ocean. Don’t make the mistake of trying to breathe in water.

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