2 Big Reasons Your Ex Will Call You Back

Finding a way to ensure a phone call back from your ex? Self-Interest and curiosity are two aspects humans can’t resist. It’s just instinct to want to know why.


Imagine this scenario if you will:

“Hey Bobby, it’s Marina. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated what you did for me. It’s helped me more than you can imagine.  Give me a call back. I’d like to thank you in person.”


Can you guess how a message like that is going to almost ensure a phone call back from your ex?  Here’s a hint: there are two factors that appeal to the human that make this call golden. One factor is a word; the other is just an urge. Give up?


When Marina calls Bobby she tells him she appreciates him. Bobby likes this because he sees that Marina is seeing him on a different level.  She’s talking about him, igniting his ego to give him that feeling of approval. However, Bobby isn’t entirely sure why or what Marina is even talking about.  Now he’s curious.  What could he have done that made Marina take the time to thank him?  Was it the flowers he sent to soften the blow?  Was it the fact that he broke up with her in order to help her find herself again because she changed too much for him?  There could be a million things Marina would be calling to thank him for… something he may not even be expecting.


Self-Interest and curiosity are two aspects humans can’t resist.  They both create a flame inside of you that is only satiated when pursued.  It’s just instinct to want to know why.  It’s just instinct like being told you’ve done something good.


Can you see now why Marina’s message would entice Bobby to give Marina a call back?  She played on his curiosity and showed interest in him, playing on his self-interest. He wants to know what he did and he’s glad she appreciates him.


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