It's a shame that sponge brushes are only used to clean dishes! Tell you about three secret modest g

Sponge brush is the most common tool in our kitchen to natural loofah bath sponge brush the dishes; it is not a large piece, but its ability to absorb water as well as clean is very strong; if we only use it in the kitchen to brush the dishes, it is a shame, because the sponge's role can be far greater than this!

As a result, today Xiaowan will share with you hemp dish scrubber a few sponge brush little beautiful, so that its figure does not just appear in the kitchen, well, not much to say, let's Let's Go!

1, quick dishwashing

After washing has always been time-consuming, but because we have to cellulose sponge block do things every day after dinner, we constantly want to delegate this task to someone else! In short, someone must brush the dishes. Typically, we use a sponge brush to wash the dishes, wiping the bowl front and back repeatedly. However, if we cut a mouth to the center, wash the dishes when the sponge brush rotated around, you can wipe both sides. Does it smell nice to wash the dishes early and then return to the bedroom to play a little cell phone and watch a little TV?

2, keep window seams clean

We all know that it is a tiny line of window seams that we clean when it is more inconvenient, this time we may also cut the sponge brush from the center, but remember not to cut the bottom, so that it cannot be used Oh! Then we take the cut sponge brush slit against the window of the line can be, cleaning up the window slit is very easy with this way!

3, get rid of the refrigerator odor

Refrigerator is where we place food, and these foods if you stay in the refrigerator for a long time, the refrigerator will appear some strange smell, but want to do the effect of removing the smell or have to let the baking soda to help, the use of a very simple method, only need to sprinkle the sponge brush on top of some baking soda powder, and then put into the refrigerator can be cleared of odors inside! We can all solve the three types of challenges listed above!

The above three challenges, which we may remedy with that unobtrusive sponge brush, do not seem good! It is not believed that this little sponge brush has these functions; if you have this aspect of the difficulty words, hurry in and test it!

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