A network technician is an IT professional employed by a business entity to help with the creation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of present and future computer network hardware and software products to support business operations. Network technicians are responsible for the setup, maintenance, and upgrading of networks and resources, and prepare presentations for informing the management about the need for upgrading network resources. 


People involved in network support should also be familiar with standard network configurations like peer-to-peer and client-server hookups. Their job involves assessing all of the components of a network to provide effective assistance if a connectivity problem or other issues arise.

The day-to-day duties of computer networking technicians often include:

Installing and configuring networks and Internet systems
Performing routine network maintenance
Troubleshooting network or server problems
Assisting clients or end-users within their organizations

Network technicians excel in fixing problems related to computer networks. They focus on customer satisfaction and resolve the issues to the best of their knowledge. Technicians also take care of the implementation, maintenance, operation, and optimization of computer hardware and software products.


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