Um, I still think there's going to be a little bit hard to break up it. I do believe that immunity, uh, areas are there for a reason, plus they're usually act as resistance like they are supposed to become. Thus, uh, yet this consolidation towards the top is significantly more bullish than bearish. We now had, I knew high closure.

That was higher than any clothes since September. That is bullish. That is clearly a bullish indication. I would love to see a close, you realize, previously mentioned this Fibonacci line, however, maybe we'll get there now and perhaps we'll get there tomorrow. Still consume roughly a half day left at the current day we candle, thus we will see exactly what happens there.

1-2 hour graph. Perhaps not to intriguing. Four hour graph is likewise perhaps not too fascinating, but it's additionally, it's merging in the very best, so the odds of an break-out is only a little bit bigger. Uh, give me sec. A number of men.

All right back, therefore

Let us go look at traditional markets. In reality, let me go take a look at your livechat, see exactly what exactly was going on in the live conversation, so can you please let us understand where we have been on the financial cycle curve. Uh, this period last calendar year, we're close anxiety. Uh, that is true. At this moment. This past 12 months we ended upn't close a panic because we all, the buying price of the coin that this season this season has been just like approximately $3,000.

I'm not certain where we all have been. I must go and take a look at that. I haven't looked at the graph in a long time.

Uh, so I would say first and foremost is my traces

An hour graph online. I don't understand how badly I take the hour chart. Second was, uh, very, uh, always seen days as your platelet expenditures are greater than

All, let us proceed to traditional markets and see what is going on the market. S O very good gold is carrying up a small bit. Um, as I said , or I would steer clear of the golden transaction for now. It can really go either manner. If some thing is, even should I really have no certainty using one aspect or another, why I would not trade it.

There is additional assets,

Oil. I think oil can go down. I'm bearish on oil . Um, it really is a green one. Price reverse. Once nine, we had an eight. We'd a person to 4 Campbell. Correction, probably now it is time to get your own countdown phase. This may be actually the daily model of oil. This is the weekly model of oil, which is just from 5, and also you also are in possession of a serious support here at 4-7 and 48 I have to state.

Of course, if this breaks down oils along with trouble as MPS which are brand new all time highs. And so I'm bullish, '' the SMP. Ok. And let us go zoom. Zoom. I am Freestyle zoom. Oh, economy opens into a couple of momemts, so I will stay out for economy receptive and we'll observe exactly where it belongs. Ok.