Tips for more Instagram comments:


Buying Instagram comments alone is not enough to get a lot of interaction on your posts for a long time. Therefore, you should continuously improve your skills to elicit comments from your followers and potential subscribers. Here we have summarized some tips for you, with which you can easily increase the number of your comments.

Ask your followers for comments: This is definitely the easiest way to get more Instagram comments. Use so-called call-to-actions, with which you ask your followers to comment on your contribution. The more incentive you offer users, the more comments you will receive. Examples of CTAs are: "Do you see it that way too? Then comment with yes! ”Or“ Have you ever experienced something similar? Write me a comment! ”Or“ Can I do something better? I am very grateful for your comments or a rating! ”

Post at the right time: Instagram is a fast-moving medium. If you post your posts at times when your followers are not online, they certainly won't post comments on your posts. Because even if they go online later, more posts will already have been published on buy instagram comments from usa.

Offer your subscribers added value: Even if you totally like your breakfast bowl, your new hairstyle, your dumbbells or Bruce Lee's quote: What do your followers get out of it? For each post, ask yourself whether the content is relevant to other users and elicits a rating from them. If you really want to share your breakfast, do it in a clever way: list all the ingredients and steps so that the users have an easy time copying. Ask them about their favorite recipes and then comment on them. Comments are welcome on Instagram - all you have to do is ask the right questions.

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