Putting SIM card and boot-up JioFi 2 Particular WiFi Modem

The cheapest way with no 4G smartphone to get on Reliance Jio 4G could be the JioFi 2 Modem which is now available for only Rs. 1999. With it you will get a Jio SIM card which must be triggered and the very best part is you can make voice calls with it as well Jiofi firmware
. Additionally you get the 4 months free welcome offer with endless data acquire, voice calls and messages.

Today, that you've acquired your JioFi 2 modem, there are always a several points you need to do setting it up. You can also watch our video guide to start to see the measures in action.


Part - 1 Putting SIM card and boot-up JioFi 2 Particular WiFi Modem


  1. Start the backcover of the JiOFi 2 Modem and then place the SIM card and battery. Optionally you can even place a microSD card to utilize as discussed storage but it is not required for the setup process.

  2. Energy on the modem with the button in front. You will see a couple of flashing lights on the router. The initial one could be the signal strength, second LTE data connectivity and the 3rd is WiFi hotspot availability.

  3. When most of the lights aside from one on the flashing energy button turn off then you can certainly join it to your telephone or PC.

  4. On the box of the JioFi 2 Modem, you will see the default hotspot title and password. You should use that to get in touch to the WiFi network.


Today, if your SIM card has not been triggered you will not be able to use Web or voice calls. Therefore follow another part below. When you yourself have an triggered SIM card then omit to another location part.




Part - 2 Activating Jio 4G SIM Card


  1. First keep JioJoin (Jio4GVoice) app fitted on your smartphone.

  2. When your SIM card has been triggered you will get a message on your switch quantity (given throughout registration) nonetheless it still needs proof for voice calls and data.

  3. To accomplish this connect with the JioFi 2 modem with the default password on the box as identified in previous part. Then start the Jio Join (Jio4GVoice) app, if will attempt to get in touch to the modem and when done it'll send a OTP to your switch number.

  4. Utilize the OTP in the JioJoin (Jio4GVoice) app to connect. Once the JioJoin app shows on line position, you'll need to contact 1977 for tele-verification. You is going to be asked to confirm information regarding the ID documents distributed by you throughout Jio 4G SIM card registration. Keep that information handy.

  5. Once the tele-verification is done, services on your SIM card can begin in about 15-20 minutes. If they don't really start then just delay until you get an email in the Jio Join (Jio4GVoice) app about services starting.