Patentability Search and Freedom to Operate Search- Highly Essential for Companies

A patentability search or freedom to operate search procedure may prove indispensable for companies across multiple sectors and business categories. Patentability searches here at Ensemble IP will be based on a unique approach tailored to sync with client budgets and objectives alike. The company understands that clients will have to walk a tightrope between obtaining more knowledge for taking decisions on whether to go ahead with patent applications while having budgetary limitations at the same time. The approach will emphasize on understanding current client goals and budgets and also whether an application is required to be filed or not. The company prides itself in swiftly and reliably searching for patents and offering results to clients with all the information that they require at any given point of time.

You can create your own search program for patentability that includes unique searching programs and processes tailored for the benefit of top law corporations and firms alike. If you have an ongoing patentability search need, Ensemble IP will be standardizing and simplifying the overall procedure. This will help you take filing decisions more consistently while doing away with any shocks at the time of prosecution as well. You can save more money on costs of prosecution by emphasizing on applications with the highest chance for being granted. Get searching into the whole procedure, saving a lot of time on process management and vendor management alike.

Ensemble IP is helmed by the team behind one of the world’s leading patent search firms. It has a huge team of Europe, USA and Japan based technology experts, most of whom are ex-examiners serving patent counsel across law firms and departments globally along with being patent agents as well. The Freedom to Operate search process is similarly efficient. FTO searches will help you lower risks, save more money and also create a better strategy for launching your product/solution in the market. Ensemble IP has a skilled team of analysts who know the ins and outs of the FTO search procedure right from using non-patent literature to choosing the suitable jurisdictions and also finding safe harbor references for clients. The company has the best database along with the most efficient searching techniques ranging from one jurisdiction to another.