For several reasons, children who cannot live with their own families might receive family care through fostering. Poor parental physical or mental health, neglect, abuse, relationship breakdowns, and a variety of other complex circumstances are just a few of these causes.
Foster care is frequently used to provide children with short-term care. At the same time, their parents receive the assistance they need to resolve their issues. Children receive the care they require, while longer-term plans are being made for their future.
When the issues that brought a child into foster care are overcome, and their parents can once again safely care for them, a kid will usually return home.

If a child is unable to go back home, there are several options available to them:
long-term foster care (up to the age of 18)
moving on to live independently

Foster parents need to be enthusiastic, positive, and good listeners. They must be able to give the foster child the time and space they need in their house, preferably a spare bedroom.
They should also: 
1. Offer help
2. Work together as a team 
3. Maintain control over the child's behaviour 
4. Encourage family time
 5. Invest time and effort


What fostering requirements for fostering a child?

Fostering Requirements
To have an extra bedroom
A state of good health
To be at least 21 years old
To have adequate time to give a child or young person assistance and care
To reside permanently in the UK

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