It turns out that there are still many mysteries and information and history of the world that are at present not discovered yet.

Many historical information are intentionally hidden from the potential of the wider community straight away because of the evil or crime dedicated by the authorities in the enormous or it could additionally be to deal with conspiracies in favor of political pursuits and certain economic groups.

Or maybe because there were events that were not displayed correctly In addition, data that can be conveyed across history and can add to our knowledge.

The presence of tailed, ape-faced people has two times as much mind amount as other tailed ape-faced humans and they make equipment for the first time about two million years ago They are divided into 4 various races after 1 million years later and are wrong and then go away the African continent. 400,000 years ago at that time they were spread throughout the Continent of Africa, Europe and Asia.

no less than a large group of Asians migrated from the Asian Continent to America, compiling Asian and American Continents attached in its northern part. Then they lived throughout the north and south of America, which might be called Indians - agen bola Native americans were wrongly referred to as by Columbus, because Columbus attention he had arrived in India, so he referred to as them Indians or Indians.

The giant Sphinx statue in Egypt is concentration to have been built around 8000 BC (BC) by a darkish brown-skinned nation in northern Africa, 4000 years earlier than the battle of civilization in Egypt. The size of time is calculated based on rain water on the stone statue. This method is a more accurate way to measure the age of the stone.

The space of ​​Brazil was discovered by sea round 531 BC or it could have been earlier than that time by the Phoenicians. The Phoenicians were the first nation to trade across the ocean. They reside around Lebanon (the world's first cultured city) and they have crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the African continent and held trade activities with local become older there for years. The local community really came by foot from China many years before.

Cleopatra sixty nine to 30 BC), Queen of Egypt is still 16 years old however is known to have an irregular sexual urge for food (sex maniac) and at that time she had become the spouse of Julius Caesar. His first love was when he was 12 years old and he had a temple specially occupied by his girlfriends and had sex parties there. Cleopatra later dedicated suicide when she was 38 years old.

The meanest criminals: Herman Webster Mudgett (1860-1896) known as Dr. Harry Howard Holmes has killed round 150 young women, however he claimed "only" killed 27 people He rents out rooms in his "palace" in Chicago, which is really a horror condo There were made secret passages that meandered through from one room to another each room was additionally ready with a secret elevator, each bedroom was soundproofed, acid pools perhaps to overwhelm personnel gasoline chambers, a table surgical operation that is equipped with a stretching too much a private crematorium, and a very large underground bunker where many elements of the human body are fragmented. He sold the skeletons of his victims to medical schools He hung his sufferers for 10 minutes before dying