Five Things to Consider Before Buying ACP Sheets

Are you planning to elevate your dream spaces with Aludecor ACPs but are confused about this futuristic cladding material? Fear not, because we are offering honest handholding that would set up the perfect match with our perfect ACPs.


Aluminium Composite Panels are indeed an excellent way to add some glitz and glamour to facades, interior and exterior spaces. Our 100% Truly Made in India ACP sheets are known for their excellence, both in terms of design and innovation. When you would choose ACP sheets, apart from the shades and textures, there are many factors that would ensure the perfect performance of these sandwich panels. Here is a list of things to check before buying ACP composite sheets:


Material or Product Grade:


Aludecor Aluminium Composite Panels are available in a variety of material grades to suit all kinds of claddings and applications. We offer ACP sheets in AL-45, AL-43, AL-33, AL-312, AL-33D, AL-32, and AL-63 grades, respectively. The Aluminium Composite Panels could be of dimensions 2440mmX1220mm, 3050mmX1220mm, 3660mmX1220mm.  


Textures and Finishes:


At Aludecor, we boast 350+ range of shades, that also features aesthetic textures. We offer ACP sheets in both matte and glossy finishes. Apart from that, you can choose from our Cortina Series featuring 3D finish ACPs, Timber Series featuring sustainable wood-like ACPs, Wabi Sabi Series featuring vintage-looking ACPs, Gloz Series featuring high glossy surface ACPs, Rustic Series featuring rustic looking ACPs, Sand Series featuring unique textured ACPs, Sparkling Series featuring shimmering surface ACPs, Mirror Series featuring reflective surface ACPs or Pedra Series featuring stone-like ACPs. We also have endless colour options in our Regular Series. Our SignEx Series offer innovative solutions to modern signage applications.


Areas of Application:


It is very important to figure out the areas of applications of ACP sheets since the area of application will determine the thickness of the appropriate ACP sheet which you should purchase. Aludecor offers 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thickness ACPs to clad all of your dream projects. Our Aluminium Composite Panels are fit to be used for cladding in Facade, Signage, False Ceiling, Corporate Identity Design, Wall Panelling, Wall Cladding or Feature Wall, Canopy, Pergola etc. In fact, Kitchen cabinets, or any other innovative interior or exterior applications would also be possible with Aludecor ACPs. Our feature-rich ACPs are also available in Fire-retardant FireWall and FireWall A2 Series, anti-bacterial AG+ Series or anti-insect ARMOR Series.


Delivery Time:


Most people favour Aluminium Composite Panels over other cladding materials for their quick delivery and installation properties. Aludecor boasts a robust Logistics and Supply Chain Management Team that caters to the best interests of our esteemed customers. From sourcing raw materials from the top tier Indian Industry Leaders to delivering world-class products - we are always one step ahead. Having 13 fully functional Branches across India and possessing 11 world-class Warehouses, we are always fully stocked with all of your requirements. We have our own fleet of vehicles that deliver orders on expedited priority. A strong growing 500+ Retail Network and 2 State-of-the-art Production Units in Haridwar always ensure that your requirements remain our prime concern. 


Aludecor manages its excellent Logistics and Supply chain through SAP enabled mechanisms that maintain smooth equilibrium between Order, Production and Delivery Planning.




It is very important to be aware of the products that you are purchasing, especially when it comes to shopping for your dream spaces. The materials used in building spaces should inevitably be of high quality that can last you for long. At Aludecor, we offer certificates for all our Fire-retardant ACPs when you choose to clad your interior or exterior spaces with our FireWall or FireWall A2 ACPs. This way you would know that Aludecor FireWall A2 has Factory Production Control certification from Exova Warringtonfire of the UK (ewcl5) for reaction to fire classifications of EN 13501-1 Class A2 – s1, d0. FireWall A2 is only available in AL45 grade. Aludecor ACPs can come in Aludecor FireWall, Fire-Retardant grade. It has Factory Production Control certification from Exova Warringtonfire of the UK (ewcl5) for reaction to fire classifications of EN 13501-1 Class B– s1, d0, BS476, Part 6 and 7 Class O and passes resistance to fire for 2 hours in accordance with ASTM E119-12. We also boast the Indian Green Building Council certification that vouches for our green-building practices, owing to our recyclable ACP sheets.


Aludecor ACPs offer unparalleled gloss retention and smoothness with zero undulation rate. Our 100% Lead-free coil coating procedures also ensure that our ACPs are anti-carcinogenic and safe to use. 


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