Young brides. Chechnya, shocking with wedding customs

In Russia, the law permits you to marry and obtain married from the age of eighteen. however did you recognize that in dozens of regions from metropolis to Magadan, together with the Russian capital region, "as associate degree exception" you'll be able to marry 14? There should be valid reasons for this, for instance, the gestation of a minor bride or a factual wedding relationship. The peoples of the Caucasus and Central Asia ar in an exceedingly special position. Their distinctive traditions are honored for hundreds of years, though to a society at home with fashionable weddings, compounding Russian, European and yankee customs, they will appear medieval savagery. Anews set to inform you additional regarding them.


Chechen wedding


Remember the scandal that erupted some of years agone over the wedding of 47-year-old Chechen security officer Nazhud Guchigov to 17-year-old Louise Goilabieva?


 The media and social networks were incensed at the bride's too young age, the 30-year distinction with the


groom, were convinced that she was being betrayed by force and located signs of “deep suffering” of the woman within the ikon and video. Louise, with a mournful face, avoided her betrothed, was in prostration, as if below medicine, and affected with issue, as if on the verge of fainting.


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 Next to the bride is Ramzan Kadyrov's nighest ally Magomed Daudov, UN agency attended her to the written record workplace



 additionally, everybody was appalled by the very fact that the varsity graduate became Guchigov's second better half. With the primary, additional appropriate for his age, he's connected by the questionable Muslim wedding, that is finished by the Islamist, while not a stamp within the passport and is valued by the Chechens on top of {an official|a politician|an workplacer|a political candidate} wedding within the written record office.



 Nazhud Guchigov along with his 1st better half and son. ikon from Instagram of the son



 "Elder" and "younger" of Guchigov's better half in his house


However, so as to digest all this, you must, in essence, perceive the native customs. Let's get a glance. The law permits the regions in some cases to lower the nubile age bar to sixteen years, and taking into consideration special circumstances - to fourteen years. In geographical region, they actively use this, thus 17-year-old brides aren't the least bit uncommon here.


Young brides.  Chechnya, Georgia and different places stunning with wedding customs

 If a lady and a swain meet before the marriage, they need no right to approach one another, touch, and have conversations on intimate topics. Out of respect for his or her elders, it's even undesirable for them to look along, in order that they usually have to be compelled to communicate through intermediaries and discuss solely the long run family and customary house.



 For a Chechen bride, the marriage itself is additional of associate degree ordeal than a vacation. Throughout the celebration, she, with modesty trying down, stands in an exceedingly embellished corner (it is believed that in an exceedingly place of honor), doesn't participate in conversations, doesn't dance. She cannot stare around, specific joyful emotions, however crying is allowed and even fascinating.


Young brides.  Chechnya, Georgia and different places stunning with wedding customs

 She has no right to sit down down or leave her seat. It happens that it's utterly lined from everybody by a curtain, that is pushed back on condition that the guests raise to point out the bride. The groom's relatives come back up to her, look below the veil. she will seek advice from young ladies, and to the older she ought to solely answer "yes" or "no", or listen taciturnly together with her eyes downcast.


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 The bride will sit down and eat solely with the permission of her mother and her husband's sisters - they themselves should sit her somewhere far-off from the common tables in order that none of the elders can realize her at the meal. By the way, it's the recent folks, not the newlyweds, UN agency ar the most and most honorable participants in wedding celebrations in geographical region and also the Caucasus as a full. within the same space with them, the bride spends her day, while not even seeing the groom, UN agency is all this point with friends in an exceedingly separate space. He doesn't participate within the general feast, though his party pays for the complete wedding.



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 The bride's relatives (except for the sisters) aren't gift at the marriage, for them the celebration ends at the instant once the woman is taken from home.


 In recent years, the authorities have introduced variety of bans to stay teens from deviating from modest national traditions. for instance, at a Chechen wedding (if it's celebrated not reception, however in an exceedingly eating place or different public places), a person associate degreed a lady cannot catch up with in dance quite an distance, you can not perform active movements, since they're thought of "indecent", and additionally dance 2 or additional couples at identical time.


Young brides.  Chechnya, Georgia and different places stunning with wedding customs

 Also, in theory, firing from weapons is prohibited, attributable to that Caucasian weddings ar ill-famed. all the same, the "horsemen" still organize it, although, in step with the testimony of consultants, this is often not associate degree recent tradition - they accustomed beat the drum at weddings.


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 and eventually, regarding spousal relationship. native journalists admit that it's quite common in geographical region, and in neighboring Dagestan, and is usually approved by society. the ladies and ladies they interviewed say that they'd conform to become second wives, particularly since the older and younger wives every sleep in their own house, and also the husband is duty-bound to grant each of identical attention. the top of geographical region, Ramzan Kadyrov, usually considers it necessary to permit Moslem spousal relationship within the Caucasus.

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