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Today we are going to help you to make your home secure by using your old smartphone. We will discuss on few smart application which can install in your old phone so that it can work as CCTV camera you can check the video in your mail or on website. Application can be downloaded from 9App. Although some of the applications are costly but if you use 9Apps for downloading then I can get all the application for free. We are proposing whatever applications, which can keep you associated with the house and family unit without spending enormous cash on the review framework. That is, home security will be one touch away from you.


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Despite the quantity of secures in the house, go for a vocation or business with solid security courses of action, yet some worry remains. This worry might be available for youngsters and family at home. May be for a pet alone in a room. In such a circumstance, utilizing innovation, you can discover the status of individuals in your home and home. You can remain associated with them eye to eye. You can see their ongoing status without turning the telephone number, sparing time. We are recommending whatever applications, which can keep you associated with the house and family unit without spending huge cash on the study framework. That is, home security will be one touch away from you ...


Alfred : Alfred is an Android surveillance camera application, which makes it conceivable to screen the security of a home sitting far away. Specialists accept that the interface of this application is with the end goal that the client doesn't engage in sign-up and login. Through this, you can switch a cell phone to a surveillance camera. You can barely utilize the old cell phone superior to this.


Nearness : Take an old telephone and make it a live gushing video gadget with the assistance of Wi-Fi. Nearness is a camcorder application with a Surveillance highlight. There can be video-sound trade from both (between your telephone and the telephone kept at home). Of the two gadgets associated in the application, one fills in as a screen and one camera. By actuating the application, keep the gadget kept at home, where you need to remain refreshed with the circumstance. This application is likewise outfitted with movement location include, in which data of any activity will contact you. Along these lines you can avoid home and remain associated with the assistance of sound and video. It is likewise conceivable to be utilized for video calls. The application is accessible for both Android and iOS clients.


iCamSpy : As you can figure from the name, it is conceivable to watch out for the house or wherever with the assistance of this application. Rather than utilizing two cell phones, it would require a versatile and a PC. Introduce the application Login on PC with iCamSpy.com. At that point your home will be associated with your cell phone through mouthpiece and webcam. Clarify that it doesn't offer two-way discourse like nearness. In this, you will just get the accommodation of looking over. Be that as it may, it has a movement identification include, which will refresh you at the contrary time. It is recommended this can be better experienced from the Wi-Fi organize.


Notable Eye: With the assistance of this application, any old telephone can be changed over into a review framework. You can leave the home by setting up the application on any tablet. The forte of the application is that it identifies movement. Photographs are likewise recorded. Cautions you by means of email. You can download it here.



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With 9Apps you can ensure the safety of your house and shop by connecting your old phone with the security apps installation. The best thing is that when you install the application you can also do motion detection features in this application. Get download the flying application from left in your old phone and be safe with home security camera.