fostering regulations in Hillingdon


What fostering regulations in Hillingdon?


Hillington's primary legislative body is the UK Parliament, and the Department for Education is in charge of fostering.
The Children Act 1989, Guidance and Regulations Volume 4 Fostering Services, the Care Standards Act 2000, the Adoption and Children Act 2002, the Children Act 2004 and the Children and Young Persons Act 2008 comprise the majority of the laws about protecting and promoting the welfare of looked-after children as well as the approval and assessment of foster carers. The Children Act 1989 rules and guidance Vol. 2, care planning, placement and case review (June 2015), which also includes a section on the delegation of authority to foster carers, has specific provisions relating to placement planning for looked-after children.
Foster service providers, foster parents, and related staff have a clear framework for how foster services should be provided, how foster parents should be evaluated, and what kind of support foster parents can anticipate from the Fostering Services Regulations 2011 and National Minimum Standards as amended. When inspecting fostering service providers, OFSTED uses the Regulations and Standards.


Foster care options
Emergency foster care- Children that require immediate placement in a safe environment fall under the category of emergency foster care, and placement requests are frequently fulfilled. 
Respite foster care- Foster parents provide the same child with respite care regularly, such as one or two weekends each month, to help the child stay with their family. 
Short-term foster care – Children are cared for by caregivers in short-term foster care while plans for the child are developed. Although it is referred to as short-term, this can be for a few days up to two years while the child's family situation is evaluated, court procedures are finished, and choices are made.
Long-term foster care –A child in long-term foster care stays with the foster family until they turn 18. 

In collaboration with the local community, teenagers or kids in need of foster care are cared for by organizations like Nationwide Fostering, an independent fostering agency.


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